christmas in august


Greetings from Sedona!



I had a beautiful drive up this afternoon.  I mean every drive up is beautiful but today’s was particularly spectacular.  I can tell when I need to get out of the city when I start having road rage just pulling out of my carport.  As an introvert, the wide space of the open road is like visual Prozac for me.


I hauled up a few gifts for the house including our new security system.  I call him ADT which stands for A Dangerous Thing.


I bought this wild fella a few years ago with my friend Rob (who also got one) at an art fair and he’s been all over the place.  I had a last minute brainwave this morning, grabbed him out of my garden and threw him in the car.  He looks right at home there doesn’t he?

Funny thing is some people on Facebook thought it was real.  Um, what did they think it was?  An alligator?  😉


I think he’ll do the trick though because people were pretty terrified just from the photos. HA!



I had one of those OMG moments this week about John getting in the chorus.  First of all, he’s doing really well right now. We spent much of the day together yesterday–lunch, Dead Poet’s Society, dinner, TV viewing (two episodes of Chopped).  He was engaged, present, conversational and an all around darling to be with.  I cherish those kinda days with him.



I got to thinking about his preparation for the audition.  About how every time I asked him to sing a song  for me, I mean every. single. time. he came up with the song “Jingle Bells”.  You can here me saying just that in the video here.

(not this video, the one in the link above)

I kept saying “what is it with you and the Christmas songs?”.  He would reply “it’s my favorite song”.

Well well well, how interesting that the concert he will be rehearsing for starting Sept 24 is their Christmas concert.



It sure makes ya wonder doesn’t it?  Just how much of this is illness and how much insight or premonition or foresight or some kind of communication going on that the rest of us don’t hear.

I find that absolutely fascinating and have decided I’m going to pause and pay better attention to the things that he’s so devoted to.



Maybe, just maybe somewhere in there is some kind of crystal ball.

All I know is I’d be smart to be open to all the possibilities.



2 thoughts on “christmas in august

  1. spellbound4

    Beautiful! I sense a different energy in you today, Katiecoo. Go with it. I think you are onto something with your brother, something that will bring more for both of you.

    Love your ADT—- I want one!

  2. Rose

    I had a ‘WHAT THE….?’ moment when I saw what I assumed to be a real, tribal patterned looking snake!! Note to self: This is what happens when you look at the photos before reading the post!

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