I woke up early this morning with such a sense of creativity and opportunity.  I can’t explain it but I just know today is going to be an amazing day of shifting and transformation.

I’ll be going to “dance church” which happens so near my house it’s ridiculous.  There will be some of the women I danced with in Flagstaff there so that will be good to pick up that wave again.


I baked all day yesterday for a Food Swap I’m attending today that my darling “Urban Gypsy Martha Stewart” Denise is hosting.  We are to bring however many *whatevers* we want to swap then we sort of barter with each other for their goodies.

Let’s see if you can see the cute Facebook event here.

It could be anything from eggs from your chickens or something from your garden to something you’ve made yourself (which would be me).  I was inspired by these lychees I still had that my friend Andrea gave me recently so I made a butter using, well, butter, fresh strawberries, fresh lychees and ginger…oh and I ground salt from this edible flowers salt shaker I have.  OMG this butter is just some kind of food of the Gods.


I then thought, hmmmm…what would this go good with?  And since I’m still in my Summer of Fitness, I decided to make something Paleoish.  I found this recipe for pineapple coconut “bread” which was really fun to make using tons of eggs!  Which makes it high protein and no real flour (well coconut flour).  I was flying blind with this having never made it before so some of them came out and well, the loaf pan option, not so much.



It tastes so delicious though that I will still share the crumbly bits with friends and have a lot of the butter left…which I’m thinking would go great on a baked sweet potato!  Don’t you agree?  Since I didn’t have as many breads as I wanted to trade, I had two organic sweet potatoes and thought why not?  I’ll swap those with a jar of my butter and someone will fingers crossed not be able to resist.


I’m hoping to grab Alfonse and bring him with me and share my swaps with him or at least come home and make something for dinner together with them!  I hope Denise makes this a thing because I love being challenged in the creativity dept. on anything!


And finally, in my Sunday morning hodgepodge, I’m obsessed with this dog.  He’s Danielle LaPorte’s.

Isn’t he just incredibly cute?


Does anyone out there know what this breed is?  I’m going to get a dog..not immediately but kind of soon.  I just feel this dog lifestyle calling me and it’s like a heartbeat bomp bomp bomp inside my chest I can barely resist it!  And I’ve always been a cat person, go figure.


not calling you a dog beautiful man, just like the feeling 😉

Change is in the air!

Oh and one more thing, Alfonse is now going with me to Maine.  That whole deal shifted yesterday and I was able to get us first class tickets both ways…in fact, from Seat Guru, we were assigned the best seats on the planes!  Snap!


Here’s to new beginnings, surprises and treats!   Happy Sunday all!

10 thoughts on “hodgepodge

  1. spellbound4

    Nice! I wish I had a way to trade for those sweet potatoes. I have been wanting to try to make a 3-potato salad (has Alfonse ever made this? Sweet potatoes, red potatoes & regular potatoes).

    Glad he is going to Maine, too. Have fun, all of you!

  2. Rose

    Oh, how fun to travel first-class! You guys are gonna have an awesome time!

    Cooking and eating meals in a leisurely manner is incredibly healing for body and soul. Everything looks delicious!

  3. Rose

    Thanks to all the wonderful food featured on your blog I went out and bought some treats too…fresh baguettes, butter, mozzarella, vegetables, herbs (to make pesto), and some chocolate Mousse…very French. Love eating this way! 🙂

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