memes r us



I made a meme!



This wasn’t really related to anything specific but an idea I had the other day so I decided to try my hand at a meme. 😉

Had a really really nice evening with a bunch of gals I met at the Jodi Arias trial.  It was a real breath of fresh air.

I hosted one of Travis’ close friends who reps a line of essential oils (Doterra) to come do a class at my office where we made our own rollerball blend of oils.  She gave a demo and it was a great group of ladies, interesting questions and she did quite a bit of business I think (including me!).  Believe it or not I ended up signing up under the amazing and talented reporter Beth Karas, formerly of Court TV and HLN News.  Julie turned her on to these oils during the trial.  She used to pass around bottles in the courtroom as we rubbed them between our palms infusing the courtroom with the aromas of orange and peppermint.  A little known fact!  haha


many gals I met at the trial including the always beautiful Katie Wick

I had been wanting to get an account with Doterra for over a year now so this was a perfect opportunity.  It’s a great line of high end oils that I’ll be using in my practice and office and both homes.


After the event several of us went to dinner.  It was so great catching up with these gals.  Of course we discussed the recent news that Jodi Arias will be representing herself in her new sentencing trial.  Blech.  It was interesting that each of us had decided we will not be attending this final segment of the trial for our own, kind of similar reasons.  It took a giant toll on so many of our lives and frankly, sometimes you just need to set a boundary on yourself.


I just was surprised we were all on the same page completely independently of each other.  I will say that we discussed that after the last lengthy go round attending court nearly daily, in all of our lives people were telling us we’d gotten way too obsessed involved and had lost ourselves.  It was so easy to get sucked in like that.  It was good for all of us to share so openly and freely with each other.

I feel very good about this decision…choosing my health first.  This is a big shift for me and hopefully will bring great rewards.  When I really reflected on our own case and who I imagined might show up for me in the event of a new hearing or, maybe one day, an execution date for the man who remains on death row for murdering Cindy my sister; I realized it was these girls (at least) who would show up and accompany me.  In fact, they said so to me.  We were all on the same wavelength together and that just felt really good.


I wish the Alexanders all the peace and strength they can find through this process and have offered my listening ear.  And I know my limits now and who/what I need to make myself available for first and foremost.

With that being said, I’m dropping off about 1/3 of my closet I pulled out to donate in Travis’ memory for his birthday.  That whole event ended up shifting and the clothing donation part not happening so Alfonse and I are going to a shelter tomorrow to drop it off.  That feels good to be doing acts of service together.  We have another one on Friday packing boxes of food for the hungry in some way.  I haven’t done this before but been invited many times.  Alfonse will go with me there too.


I end this day knowing that letting go of overdoing feels soft and relaxed and, after last night, I feel more loved than I felt the day before.

And that just feels really good.

5 thoughts on “memes r us

  1. Rose

    I tell you, whenever I read about your brother, it just warms my heart. I always wish people well but I feel strangely drawn to pray for your brother often. And he’s blessed to have a sister like you.

  2. spellbound4

    Katie gal, you are loved way beyond what you know! So glad you had a great gabfest night with the girls. Even more happy to know you are putting your own health/needs before undertaking overwhelming, all-consuming, totally exhausting events. They have their time and purpose, but they cannot be your whole life.

    Saw a post by you at WS and have to say how much I like the new avatar pic — fabulously beautiful!!

    Have a day as kind as you are! :heart:

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