Ok I made this video last week in my car.  It’s not Alfonse’ BEST singing but it gives you an idea.

Please do your best to block out my voice as I was just trying to make it fun.

He actually sounds much better usually than in this video so I’ll keep making them but this is what I have for the moment.

Please enjoy the Von Monkman Family Singers.

10 thoughts on “edelweiss

  1. Oh my! Oh My! That was fabulous!! KCL, you aren’t bad, yourself, but your brother???? He is fantastic!!!! I love the deepness of his voice and am hopeful we will hear much more from “our ALfonse” in the near future.

    Please pass on to him that he did a fine pre-performance. And thank him for allowing you to share here!!! Go John/Alfonse!!!! Please share your talents again sometime!

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