undeserved part deux



The Boys and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday afternoon.  This is one of many great things about having male friends–they will introduce you to things you’d never get in to on your own volition.  I doubt I would have ever gone to see this movie unprovoked.  But it was so good I’m going to grab Alfonse and take him this week, hopefully to a 3D showing of it.



um, yeah

This entire movie is worth seeing just for the very opening scene and that goes out particularly to the ladies.  The music is also excellent in it and it’s very very funny!


On our way back to their house after (Rob made an amazing zucchini lasagna they invited me for) I passed two cops sitting talking side by side on the road I was traveling.  I slowed down, wishing I’d see Officer Friendly again (read the full story of my brush with the law here) but it was another nice cop who told me where the station was.  Funny he never asked me why I was inquiring.  Gotta love small town life.



For my thank you drop-off, I decided to make a version of a cookie I always used to get at this charming little cookie shop called Cookies from Home–it’s kind of a everything cookie–a combination of an oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip, with nuts.  And coconut, which I forgot to put in, drats!


extreme close up!  recipe here


I also forgot as I stopped at the store on my way home, the raisins.  I wondered what I might have in my limited pantry to substitute and lo and behold trail mix!  With dried cranberries!  Score!

20140804-074347-27827202.jpg 20140804-074351-27831234.jpgwhew! that was close

I spent the evening baking my cookies and watching stupid TV or not watching it really but internet surfing.  And listening to the sounds of the night with all my windows open.  In Sedona I feel two things I rarely feel in the big Phoenix Metro–dialed down and safe.  I’m sure they both go together.

This morning I got up excited about my full day here.  It’s so nice to have a Monday where I don’t have to pack up and go home!  I planned it that way.  🙂  Excited about my cookie delivery, clearing up my ticket,  getting my totally chipped nails done and going on a little outing with a fella I met here about two years ago in a coffee shop.  We became Facebook friends after that but have never really connected.  I’ve seen him around town as he’s in to many of the same things I am, for example the film festival.  He interacts with me a little on FB but I just decided yesterday to send him a note and ask him to hang out today (I’m pretty sure he’s an artist who has no regular work schedule).


He offered to pick me up and take me to a place for lunch in the canyon I’ve never been.  Yes the same canyon I was speeding in that night.  😉  Gotta love the little bits of irony serendipity when you find them.

I purchased a very generic thank you card at the store to write Officer Friendly a combo thank you (for putting on my plate) and apology for my snotty attitude.  So I went out to the garage this morning to retrieve the blue envelope I’ve been so careful to not lose as it contains the ticket I need to present to show my insurance card to be relieved of that hefty fine!

I also figured Officer Friendly’s name is on the ticket so I could address him in my note by name.


I brought the blue envelope in, congratulating myself that I had not lost it along with all my other important car paperwork and sat it down on my table to think about/write my note.  I poured myself a cup of coffee, admired my cookies in the new plastic Gladware which I opened to sniff and pulled out my ticket.


Well well well, lo and behold, it turned out to not be a ticket at all but just the blue instruction paper on how to handle your ticket!


I have not opened that blue envelope since he handed it to me and that was the only thing in there!

I’d dutifully signed the ticket when he presented it, staring straight ahead with that evening’s signature scowl as he pointed out the things I needed to know such as the date of court appearance and when I needed to get get my insurance proof handled to avoid the fine.



I saw the ticket.

It just never made it in to the envelope.


I refuse to believe it was in there and also went the way of my registration/insurance card vanishing in to thin air.

I prefer to think Officer Friendly got hit with his own moment of chaos that night and forgot to put it in there!

I love it.


Now I don’t know his name to put on the card but will make a generic statement about how helpful he was putting my plate on for me.  I won’t gush about the other things because as Craig our carpenter pointed out to me, he could get in trouble or at least razzed for being too lenient on me.

And I’ll apologize for this:


Life is just full of surprises isn’t it?

Should I or shouldn’t I?  Ok, I guess my bratty teenager is still alive and well and naughty.



Surprises like standing in line at the concession stand at the movies behind a woman wearing men’s boxers, on the outside.

I simply couldn’t help myself.

Happy Monday!


you decide 😉

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