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Sitting here at my writing perch this morning listening to the clank clank clank of some chain embellishment on a dress flop round and round in the dryer–contrasting with the Aura station on my Sirius.  Ah life and it’s seeming conflicts crashing in to each other.

I’m also sitting here staring at the flotsam and jetsam next to me that are remnants of the Wild dance workshop last weekend, remembering.  Or as Jenny said over and over re-membering.  As re-member all of your parts once again.  That’s one of many things that will continue to influence my days, in fact I shared it with a client yesterday.


One of the many wonderful exercises involved starting with making a list following the words:

I know I’m remembering the web when….

The web referring to the place where all things are connected.  And connecting.  When we know we are in the flow, part of that Universal Whole, that kind of thing.

So I thought I’d share my list here just as I wrote it fast which is how she instructed us.

Here it is:

I’m noticing moments of serendipity all around me.

I’m looking at mishaps and misfortunes with a sense of humor.

Poetry moves through me.

I’m wanting to listen to more music.

I put Ch. 977 or 968 on my stereo.

I’m taking better care:  drinking water, smoothies.

I’m cooking more.

I’m wishing well for others, including my “enemies”.

I’m going to bed earlier.

I’m enjoying mornings.

I see small things of beauty all around me.

I’m nicer to my family.

I’m more charming and magnetic.

I wrote that list in probably around 3 minutes, if that.  It felt good to write it and good to read it again.  When we bypass that filter of thinking too much, sometimes we’re surprised at what might come out.

And no, I don’t generate many enemies in my life.  A couple of frenemies have shown up but that’s all resolved now.  And of course the two big ones who are in prison.  That’s a tall order.

But I hold out hope for most things.


I’ll end on the license plate that Officer Friendly so kindly put on my car late that night in Sedona.

I think it’s just fitting, don’t you?  <<<snicker>>>


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