Thanks for hanging in there guys with me with the changes I’ve made appearance wise on the blog.  I am a complete dope when it comes to maneuvering this thing and am shocked I can do absolutely anything here but I hear that some of you like that soft blue I had on the last design.  I am seeing what I can do to get that back on the page right behind this text right here.  I think there is a way to do it and I’m researching it…so please just hang in there with me. 🙂

Had a great weekend in Sedona with all the boys.  I drove up with John while my Dad and his friend Greg rode up in a separate car.  We all went to the fantastic musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on the way up.  That AZ Broadway Theatre really puts on Broadway style productions.  It’s one of the Valley’s best kept secrets as far as I’m concerned.  We had a great time.


John and I had a great talk on the way up about our lives, our relationship, our family, his mental health, etc.   He’s so sweet and so appreciative and expresses it often.  He’s doing much better and the new program at Wellness City seems to be the help for him that I thought it would be.  I tell ya, it’s about trusting instincts.  I had a bad feeling about the ACT Team in the first week and have had nothing but good vibes about Wellness City and they seem to be living up to them for my dear brother.   He has connected with staff there and other participants and really enjoys a two hour group called WRAP.  So far so good…..I never underestimate our blessings with John is doing well and I realize it takes a Village.  Thankfully I’ve been guided to great people and resources for him and away from those which were not helpful or in some cases, harmful.  So many learning curves with all of this but seems we are in a good groove now.


We had a fun Superbowl party at the house with the four of us and the Boys who joined us.  I whipped out the air fryer and went on a “frying frenzy” pulling out platters of kale balls, crab rangoon, mac n cheese balls and other delicious snacky snacks.


Go Seahawks! And Bruno!  😉

I would suggest avoiding the Trader Joe’s potato lentil curls as I’m pretty sure they taste exactly like peanuts–meaning the kind you use for packing material–if you were to taste them that is.  They are totally tasteless and blah and not worth the snackage!  You’re welcome!


blech meets blah


basically, yes

The game of course was pretty much a dud and the commercials were so-so but it was sure fun all hanging out watching it together.  Our house is really becoming a home with all of these experiences now with our people in it.  I’ll be hosting some gatherings with my MFR tribe at the end of the month.  I’m just so psyched to have this amazing retreat to get away to.  I’m even looking forward to giving it a thorough cleaning next weekend.  I love taking care of that place.


Oh and this morning, finally took down the dead brittle fire hazard Christmas tree and to the recycle lot.  There were three other trees left there so we weren’t the only tardy tree people. 😉


Back to my fitbit.  As I put Greg in my room this weekend, I slept at the Boys Sat. and on the couch last night.  I was restless at first and not able to get very comfortable on the couch so my sleep pattern looked like this:

Your sleep efficiency 86%

Your sleep pattern   asleep   awake

  • You went to bed at 12:28AM
  • Time to fall asleep 7min
  • Times awakened 5
  • You were in bed for 1hr 27min
  • Actual sleep time 1hr 9min
Your sleep efficiency 90%

Your sleep pattern   asleep   awake

  • You went to bed at 1:55AM
  • Time to fall asleep 2min
  • Times awakened 3
  • You were in bed for 41min
  • Actual sleep time 35min
Your sleep efficiency 100%

Your sleep pattern   asleep   awake

  • You went to bed at 2:36AM
  • Time to fall asleep 18min
  • Times awakened 1
  • You were in bed for 6hrs 25min
  • Actual sleep time 6hrs 6min
I’m sure this isn’t interesting to anyone but me but I find it fascinating.  I kept waking up to watch TV or read as I couldn’t stop tossing and turning but finally fell asleep for 6 hrs and 6 min. once I actually did.  And slept at 100% efficiency then! Yes!  I’m so proud of my sleep when I get it…gotta grab those successes where you find them, right?

And right now I’d say my family and my personal life, are pretty full of them.  🙂




I’m so psyched about my fitbit that my Dad gave me for Christmas.


I thought I’d be using it to track steps and exercise stuff but, at least for now, it’s become more a device of awareness to help me break out of denial about my horrible sleep habits.

I’ve experienced adrenal issues for a period of years now and have been working with a Naturopath on it.  He always asks how my sleep is and I say “sleep isn’t a problem, I’m good in that department”.  HA!  Joke’s on me.


I SUCK in that department!  I have always been a natural born night owl so getting to sleep before midnight is a rarity.  I love my second winds and get creative or in to projects and all the while I’m sucking my life force dry.  That is the bewitching hour when your adrenals are supposed to be regenerating and replenishing their supply.  Not only am I interfering with that cycle but I’m USING that faux energy depleting myself further while feeling all “energized”.

It’s a great deceiver.


This fitbit has raised my awareness for example waking up, thinking it’s time to get up and realizing I’ve only slept 4.5 hours.  I tend to forget just when I fell asleep.  With this it tells me how many hours I’ve slept, when I’ve been restless, when I’ve been awake and a percentage of  “sleep efficiency”.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic.  Like my body just felt light and clear for lack of a better word.  Then I signed on to my fitbit site and saw this:


Your sleep efficiency 97%

Your sleep pattern   asleep   awake

  • You went to bed at 11:26PM
  • Time to fall asleep 5min
  • Times awakened 8
  • You were in bed for 8hrs 33min
  • Actual sleep time 8hrs 13min

I am so psyched!  97% sleep efficiency!  I’m now doing my best to catch my sleep cycle before I hit that second wind and forcing myself to go to bed and I feel so proud of myself when I sleep well.

I truly believe this is going to have a profound impact on my health and well being.

Sometimes you think something is gonna be one thing but it’s just the container that holds another gift.

So here’s to good sleep!  And vitality!