love shield



taken right after so still semi bleeding–sorry for the freshness!

What a day what a day what a DAY!

Woke up in Sedona, zipped down the hill and in to a spectacular Valentine’s Day.

After a bit of work I got to exchange Valentine’s gifts and cards with my Dad and brother.  Awww…out of the six cards exchanged I think 4 were Peanuts themed.  In fact, Alfonse got me the exact same card I got for my Dad!  Buddha would have said “mental telepathy”.


I remain so grateful to have them so close to me and to be spending so many meaningful and fun times together.


I dashed over to meet Aaron for the tattoo pregame of ginger ale and chat before our appointments began.


The tattoo parlor was very cool;  clean, spacious, artwork everywhere, friendly.  I loved the vibe the second we walked in.

20140214-223639.jpg 20140214-223652.jpg

“induce”?  Whaaaaat?

Our tattoo artist, Mary, talked to me for a bit about my ideas then whipped up a drawing in about a half an hour and I took one look at it and gasped “its’ perfect!”.  I loved it immediately.  She absolutely nailed my vision.  Every aspect of it is perfect…beyond.


the stencil she placed perfectly between my shoulder blades

I went first and I’m not gonna lie, it hurt like hell.  So glad Aaron was there to literally hold my hand or rather I squeezed the daylights out of his.  He made me laugh and stopped a couple of times to take a pic.

 It was over before I knew it–maybe 40 min total?  Aaron took a pic for me and it was absolutely perfect in the absolutely perfect spot.  For me since virtually no one but myself will be seeing this very personal tattoo, it was definitely a feel type of thing.  When I got the inspiration last Sunday of what to get and where to get it, I felt in my body exactly where it should be.  And Mary nailed it.  How funny that by accident the vine scrolled right around a mole I didn’t even know I had back there.  Love it.

20140214-223611.jpg 20140214-223716.jpg

Cindy’s signature transferred perfectly

Then it was Aaron’s turn and his went much faster as his stars were all identical in a neat row on his shoulder.  I held his hand too but his wasn’t nearly as sensitive as mine (or maybe he’s less of a wimp).   We had such a great bonding time together doing this and had such heartfelt conversation before/during and after.  I just love my dear friend Aaron and am so grateful for his presence in my life the last six years or so.  He’s like family to me, well he is family to me (along with his darling daughter Maddie who I nicknamed Skinny Buddha).

20140214-223739.jpg 20140214-223753.jpg

After our tats we just couldn’t stop smiling. I think we were in some kind of endorphin-rush zone.  It was an absolute blast!  We walked back to Liberty Market and found a table outside, got some libations and snacks and continued our post tattoo Valentine love fest.


My gorgeous friend Andrea joined us and we, ahem, shared some a huge carafe of Kir Royale…yum!  Perfect Valentine’s bubbly cocktail.  Aaron had to dash out to take SB to dinner and then my other beautiful friend Ann joined us and the evening was just deep meaningful girl talk; tears, laughter, all perfect sharing full of love.

20140214-223806.jpg 20140214-223819.jpg

What an incredible day/evening…just incredible!

And then I came home to find this pink box of goodies on my doorstep, dropped off by the Valentine fairy my friend Amy.  🙂


I love my tattoo so much.  I’m so glad I did it.  I feel like it’s somehow going to change my life.


Positioned directly on the back side of my heart chakra, I see it as some sort of love shield/magnet/memorial.  I’m just so psyched that I got it.

And can’t wait to see where it’s taking me next as this portal opens my heart to more love.  😀

7 thoughts on “love shield

  1. Your happiness glows! Thanks for sharing such a personal moment. It will probably make you feel even more that Cindy is always right there with you. Glad you had a beautiful Valentine’s day.

    And if I may…. you are looking gorgeous!!!

  2. lovelaw

    Yours is one of the most beautiful tattoos I have EVER seen. The glorious, delicate bird, the COLORS, the flowing, feminine “Cindy” signature….all of it, stunning perfection!! I’m so happy you had a wonderful Valentine’s day!! 💖💖

    • Thank you! I have to say it’s my favorite tat I’ve ever seen too..although I won’t see it often myself. But I’ll sure know it’s there, always. I absolutely LOVE it. ❤ Thanks for the love! 😀

  3. Penelope Kimble-Yanez

    I want a Valentine fairy like Amy! That looked like the most thoughtful gift. You are blessed for sure. I agree that your tattoo is stunning perfection.

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