Greetings from beautiful Sedona. I’m wiped. I came up to run an errand and clean the house which took me five hours today-whew! So rewarding to clean up after the busy holiday season.

I ran to get supplies last evening and returned to this (see above) as I pulled on to our street.

Woke up this morning to some texts with my friend Aaron excited about our Valentines Day tattoo adventure together.

He shared this which just warmed my heart and brought mist to my eyes:

There are three phrases in the fraternity, one for each star. The one that speaks to me now is “most sacred friendship”. I can’t think of anyone more fitting to share this experience with, just you.


He’s getting three stars and all Ill say right now is mine is inspired by this image and will include Cindy’s signature. Of course Ill take pics of our beautiful day and blog it.


Happy Valentines Eve everyone!

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