Ever have one of those days or one of those periods in life where you feel like you’re being pulled out of yourself in different directions?  Yes, you know.

I woke up this morning feeling that kind of disconnected, disjointed, discombobulated-ness.   So I drummed up a remedy for myself.

I took my terrible flawed weird light rays phone camera and went around my home spaces taking photos of things that I feel reflect the person I am deep down.  I know, things.  I feel we create environments in the outer world that reflect the inner world.  I carefully choose special things to have around me in my home and I’d like to share some of them with you.

I recommend this exercise as it is so grounding and soothing.  It creates a pause for reflection from outside to inside and can reveal yourself back to yourself.  At least it did for me.  It made me feel more full of my own unique stamp as I looked in all of these mirrors.


my friend Amy gave me this fox for christmas-I left the tag on it that has my name


my mother watches over me in bed


hand made inspiration


my bed is one of my top favorite places on earth


found this antique lamp and someone made me the cord cover


i made this lamp shade


my sister Cindy made this plaque


these hydrangeas were once alive in my living room-perfectly dried


lifted this quote from the film Dear Zachary-you recognize the photo on the left


a wall decal – my friend lora saw 3 birds, one flying away-me and my siblings


i collect the art of the talented gavin hugh troy from tucson


love this reminder


my first gavin–purchased off the wall at pita jungle right after telling my aussie friend sarah the dream I’d had the night before about a wild river ride–we both looked up and saw this and knew it was my dream–i took it home that day

It even makes me feel good sharing these photos.  My house isn’t grand;  it’s humble and quaint but it’s all a reflection of the person I am.  Including the mountain of laundry I avoided today.  And the Christmas wreath on one wall I keep forgetting to put away.

This evening, I’m appreciating all of it.

It reminds me I’m still alive.

3 thoughts on “reflections

  1. norsegirl

    You are beautiful! I loved seeing your precious treasures… thanks for sharing the things that bring joy to your soul! (((hugs)))

  2. spellbound4

    You have me looking about and seeing my own special “things”. Reflecting on what makes them special has given my day new purpose. Thanks for making a freezing, snowy day feel so warm!

    (20+ below zero wind chills, 2 degrees real temp, 8 inches of snow on the level, and piled up snow-banks as tall as me! This has been one heck of a Michigan winter!)

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