I’m so psyched about my fitbit that my Dad gave me for Christmas.


I thought I’d be using it to track steps and exercise stuff but, at least for now, it’s become more a device of awareness to help me break out of denial about my horrible sleep habits.

I’ve experienced adrenal issues for a period of years now and have been working with a Naturopath on it.  He always asks how my sleep is and I say “sleep isn’t a problem, I’m good in that department”.  HA!  Joke’s on me.


I SUCK in that department!  I have always been a natural born night owl so getting to sleep before midnight is a rarity.  I love my second winds and get creative or in to projects and all the while I’m sucking my life force dry.  That is the bewitching hour when your adrenals are supposed to be regenerating and replenishing their supply.  Not only am I interfering with that cycle but I’m USING that faux energy depleting myself further while feeling all “energized”.

It’s a great deceiver.


This fitbit has raised my awareness for example waking up, thinking it’s time to get up and realizing I’ve only slept 4.5 hours.  I tend to forget just when I fell asleep.  With this it tells me how many hours I’ve slept, when I’ve been restless, when I’ve been awake and a percentage of  “sleep efficiency”.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic.  Like my body just felt light and clear for lack of a better word.  Then I signed on to my fitbit site and saw this:


Your sleep efficiency 97%

Your sleep pattern   asleep   awake

  • You went to bed at 11:26PM
  • Time to fall asleep 5min
  • Times awakened 8
  • You were in bed for 8hrs 33min
  • Actual sleep time 8hrs 13min

I am so psyched!  97% sleep efficiency!  I’m now doing my best to catch my sleep cycle before I hit that second wind and forcing myself to go to bed and I feel so proud of myself when I sleep well.

I truly believe this is going to have a profound impact on my health and well being.

Sometimes you think something is gonna be one thing but it’s just the container that holds another gift.

So here’s to good sleep!  And vitality!



5 thoughts on “sleep

  1. I need more than something t0 track my non-sleep ….. I think I need tie-down straps to keep me in the bed! “Fit-bit, huh? I should probably check it out. Good luck, Ms. KCL!!

    • Mine is a fitbit flex but I think they all’s really fascinating to read. You do have to manually hit it to start/stop the tracking but it does the rest. I’m fascinated with sleep behavior.

  2. Penelope Kimble-Yanez

    I have always been a night owl. I worked graveyard shift for many years. Now that I am retired my sleep is backwards. Many nights I am up until sometimes as late as 7 a.m. and then sleep until noon. I wake up and if I feel good then I stay up. Otherwise sometime in the late afternoon I fall asleep for a couple of hours. I just lack the discipline to go to bed at night. I think it is a rebelliousness in me. Not sure why at the age of 56 I feel the need to rebel!

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