New Year!  New Look!

Tell me what you think.

I’m a kind of techno-idiot so the fact I do any of this at all is a bonafide miracle.

I’m kinda diggin it!


8 thoughts on “new

  1. Give me a few days to adjust, but I like the look so far. These old eyes had trouble seeing the “like” and “leave comment” buttons on the iPad, but everything else was nice.

  2. pilcherje

    Noticed it right away! Slowly, I’m navigating. I like the selections on the left and the darker background is a nice mix. Also, it looks like the text font has changed in the reply section? Seems I can see it better…unless that’s due to the brain freeze from the ice cream. Oh well. LOL

    I like it!

  3. I spent hours on this wild ride today so gonna just leave it like this for the moment and see how we all like it. My eyes are crossed as well as most of my brain cells so….let’s give this a whirl! 😀

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