twenty five years


Cindy Monkman, our beloved sister, daughter, friend.

9/16/1958 – 12/23/1988


I lay in the dark last night and this thought flowed in through my insomnia. The veil can be thinnest on the anniversary of the day a person drew their last breath on this planet.

I’ll be seeking signs today, grateful the rest of us are here, together, living and loving.

I still miss you every day Cindy.

Every single day.

7 thoughts on “twenty five years

  1. spellbound4

    I am so glad you allow us to share such priceless memories and love, Sweetest Katie. May the softest hugs, dewdrop kisses, and laughter filter their way throughout your day. Cindy’s sparkle lives on, I guarantee that.

  2. Laura Jackson

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful sister with the world, may you feel her arm around you today and always. I’ll be praying for your family today. There is nothing more important than family. God bless you.

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