I wrote at least one poem a day while on my retreat at the Ranch.  On my birthday, I wrote four.  I was surrounded by poetry there–literally and in the poetic sense.  😉

On my last day, I finished yoga, walked the Labyrinth then through a dark treed forest area back to my room and this is what came to me.  It’s about the hypervigilance that plagues me living in a big city.  And options to living that way.


Home, my Neolithic stone head

Grinds on it’s axis

Cracking and vigilant; always vigilant.

The old guard stands tired, hunched.


Parking lots, sidewalks

My own front door.

Eyes pierce dark corners; dangerous curves

Seeking something.


Here, my helium filled head

Bubbles beyond it’s spine

Borders; floating, bobbing in curiosity.

Three hundred sixty degrees, breezy.


Alert, yes; eyes wide open

Through black trees at dusk.

Begging a visit with a friendly fox;

Seeking everything.


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