the drive in to town

Just returned from a fun weekend in Sedona.  We caravanned up–Steve and I in my car and John and my Dad in his.  Finally was able to transport this creamy leather arm chair I’ve been wanting to bring up there.


road trippin

I have to say, the house for the first time really started feeling like a Home having my Dad there.  We did some cooking, went to a movie (12 Years a Slave..wow), watched football, did some setting up of things, going through boxes my Dad brought.  Your basic nesting. We also had a little dinner party with Rob and Sean.  🙂


my Dad makes the place cozy


a little impromptu sitting chat in the foyer deciding where to put the chairs


Alfonse, aka “Poppin Fresh” with his cinnamon roll

Speaking of Rob, he’s been at me to work out with him at his gym up there for years and finally, since I’m in a working out mode, I went with him Sunday morning.  It was fantastic!  We spent nearly two hours there and got to visit while stretching out on yoga mats after our respective workouts (let’s just say I don’t do the pull ups and other buff things he does..yet at least).  We went out for lunch after.  It was so great!


view from my bed

Steve and I also set up about piecing together and repairing this amazing mosaic table that my parents made when I was about 2-3 years old.  I’ve loved this table all my life and it had broken and was covered in cobwebs when it arrived.  To think my Dad was just gonna toss it but thought to ask if I wanted it.  Wow, this table looks amazing in the house.



love all the detail

Steve and I glued it all back together, now it just needs some cleaning up and voila…like new or rather like vintage cool with a legacy.  I absolutely love it.

I’m so psyched about being up there for the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving!  Fireplace, coziness, and family.



the one girlie room in the entire house

I love it.

Happy Monday y’all!

2 thoughts on “weekend

  1. roberthe bruce

    thats the way up from cottonwood by the college? I see they have curb and gutters on the streets now…I gotta get back up there..

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