disco lives


I wrote this poem on my birthday yesterday and I think that’s all I’m going to say about it.  I hope it reaches in to you, someone, out there as it did me. Please pardon the spacing which didnt translate correctly but you get the drift.

Disco Lives

(for Cindy)


Kathy Monkman

Rancho La Puerta 11/6/13

Don’t get me wrong.

I can summon in a moment.

That terrible pounding emptiness

It can erupt on it’s own too.

Strong and fierce as the day

It was born twenty five years back.

It can gush from the Earth like fire;

Like Old Faithful on a windy day.

From one innocent song.

“Ladies Night”, “In to the Groove”, these were ours

And ours alone.

“Come on” she’d grab my hand and off we’d go.

Dappled disco light, soulmates strobing

In want of nothing, no one

But each other and that dance floor.

Bomp bomp bomp bumps the baseline

Hearts thump to the beat, as One.

These are the moments.

The ones you dread.

The ones you cling to.

The ones that cling to you.

Don’t get me wrong.

The beat does go on.

It turns and shines an impossible

New brilliance.

This crowd carved future

It calls it’s own name.

On to a road large enough

To contain it All.

All the bass notes, all the complicated rhythms,

All the space between.

“Claim me” it whispers year after year.

“I am yours, still; your heart still beats”

“Live!” she shouts from the stars.

“Take it all, I want you to have it.  All.

Every last thirsty drop.

Every swish of your skirt.

Every click of your heel.

Take it!  Take it and Live!”

Live it all until that day

When it’s your time.

When the final glass has drained.

The day you close your eyes

And hear her voice and hers alone.

The one that’s always been with you.

“Come on” she’ll breathe as she reaches out

And grabs your hand,

Pulling you Home.

4 thoughts on “disco lives

  1. Beautiful, heartbreaking, reminds me of those days in NYC dancing to the syncopated rhythm, watching Grace Jones carted around by gorgeous bare-chested men as she made her debut, smacking that mirror ball and dancing until dawn, stumbling out of The Gallery onto the now-sunny streets…. and as I read and reread your heartfelt words for a moment it brought me back to the days before I began to lose friend after friend to AIDS and/or drug overdoses…. I know nothing I say can come close to the pain you suffer, but my heart is with you xox ((hugs, many tight hugs))

  2. NancyB

    Best poem you’ve posted on your blog. Every word and phrase evokes just the right emotion and tone! It definitely spoke to me.

  3. spellbound4

    Beautiful, elegant, hearts full of soul.

    I truly had tears, sadness mixed with joy, as My heart heard Cindy speaking to you to grab life by the tail and consume enough for the both of you. My, what stories you two will one day share, of the in-between years. I’d like to be a feather on your wings to hear/see that!

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