Yesterday, the day before my birthday, I woke up at 3 am from a terrible nightmare. My entire body was wracked with fear- terror even- in the dark. Alone.

Then I looked forward and saw the dark outline of Mt, Kuchumaa from my uncurtained window and remembered the words of my dear friend Tracy, who I met here the first time: “give it all to the mountain. Mt. Kuchumaa knows what you need”

I tossed it all toward the mountain and felt all of that darkness drain from my body before falling back in to a deep hard slumber.

When I awoke 3 hours later, groggy and rested, I sat in the window seat like I do every morning with my coffee and my book of poems. Reaching inward as I greet the day. It was a brisk morning but I wanted to feel that freshness so I wound open the large oblong window at my feet and in whooshed the brightest , startling clear breath of frosty air from the mountain.

I instantly picked up my pencil and Mt. Kuchumaa spoke through me.

I gave everyone at my birthday eve party last night a copy with a small sketch of the mountain and read it to them at the table.

Please hear my voice and the voice of this great mountain as I share this poem with you.

Thank you for sharing all days with me and especially this special one.

All good wishes to us all.





3 thoughts on “birthday

  1. Kiminnm

    Happy Birthday! May you be blessed this year with laughter and love! Cheers to you! Thank you for sharing your poem! Inspirational!

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