ranch birthday




That’s Mt. Kuchumaa there in the background and that will be my big view from my casita in just a few short hours.  It can’t come soon enough.

Last time I went I developed a leak coming through the ceiling in to my laundry room the night before I left.  Tonite I noticed a water build up in in the same corner and realized my water heater has sprung a (slow thank God) leak.  What is it about that corner of my house springing a leak right before I head out for this retreat?  Things that make ya go hmmmm….

Luckily Lowe’s was still open, I ran over, bought a new water heater and set it up for installation while Steve is house sitting.  Oh boy, raining and pouring.  If anyone can handle that though he will.  I just feel so fortunate he will be here to manage it for me.

I feel like I’ve been working nonstop today.  Some last minute issues came up re: Alfonse and his transition and lo and behold they have NOT discharged him from the Act Team yet which honestly works in our favor.  He’s on some very tricky meds that almost no pharmacy will even dispense so it’s inventing the wheel to try and figure this out right now. I spent the whole afternoon on it.  Arrrrgh.

When he came over at 5pm I was so sound asleep on the couch that I didn’t even know where I was when I woke up.  He volunteered to go pick up dinner and run a couple of my errands. Wasn’t that sweet?

I finally got a second wind to finish my packing here at 10:30.  Gotta get prepared to unplug ya know. 😉

I won’t be posting I don’t think for the next week but I may put some pictures up if I feel like it.  It will be interesting to be so unplugged over my birthday.  I think I get a free massage for my bd there!  I know I’ll be getting Watsu!  Yay!


Here is my casita this time.  Can’t wait to curl up in that window seat with my 3 books I’m bringing.  One of poetry my client lent me by Robert Housden.  I can’t wait to read it.  Some memoirs and whatever catches my fancy in the library.  I can’t wait to dissolve in to some pages and get lost.  With a roaring fire and my cozy jammies.

I’m gonna work out much harder than I ever have this time.  Usually I’m skidding in there on fumes but this time I actually have energy and some vim and vigor and going to make a goal to get fit.  When I’m not relaxing I mean.  It’s  a Zumba week so I will be doing a lot of dancing!  My favorite!


I’m rambling now.

I’m gonna walk the labyrinth on my birthday and unwind and rewind.  I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the next year.  I have a really really good feeling about it.

Cheers guys…catch you in a week!





9 thoughts on “ranch birthday

  1. Steve? Steve is house sitting? “Our Steve”? Steve is back? Can I do back flips now? What a friend you have!

    So sorry about that water heater’s timing. Glad you didn’t let it interfere with yout happy-ride. Keep that glow going, lady. It suits you well. Have your best birthday ever! With a view like that, it should be easy.

    (((((Birthday Hugs)))))

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