wonderful day


Start to finish a 13 hour gorgeous, fun, delicious, soul filled, sparkly day.

Blessed and lucky.

20131031-212756.jpg 20131031-225738.jpg 20131031-225801.jpg 20131031-225719.jpg 20131031-230835.jpg20131031-213046.jpg 20131031-225911.jpg20131031-230524.jpg 20131031-212731.jpg 20131031-212853.jpg 20131031-213302.jpg 20131031-213241.jpg 20131031-213232.jpg 20131031-225704.jpg

One thought on “wonderful day

  1. Laura Jackson

    Nice! Happy Halloween to you and Alfonse, it looks like you are doing a great job at taking care of both of you while having gf fun at the same time.so, so glad you got rid of that yucky program. I feel like things will be better for both of you soon. Seems like they should be called to the carpet, they are just bilking for services they don’t ever provide. Shame on them. And God’s blessings to him, and hugs, too!!
    Laura in Santa Barbara

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