Everyone should be so lucky to have an Amy Silverman in their life.

Amy Silverman is the friend; while balancing a huge job as a managing editor at a major independent newspaper, two little girls one of whom has “special needs”, a husband, aging parents nearby, a home, recent kitchen remodel, many friends etc etc etc;  who drops by my house with a pitcher of homemade matzo ball soup and a care package of cookies and presents just because she saw on Facebook that I was sick this week. While preparing for her birthday and throwing a Halloween party.   Friendship.


I know that is kind of the longest runon sentence known to man but it just had to be done that way.  Sorry Amy, I know that needs editing and has terrible punctuation but you get the emotion, I know you do.  😉


I’ve known Amy for so many years I knew her when she wasn’t sure she’d have kids.  The girls are now 10 and 12.

The first time I met her I made a bald faced fool out of myself walking up to her an event, drunk on my ass, introducing myself “Oh my God, you’re Amy Silverman? I’ve been reading you for years.  You are amazing.  I love your writing.  I’m so honored to meet you” like a creepy stalker.  I slur gushed “oh I’m sure you get this all the time”.

She turned to Ray, her husband with this face I know so well now, this kind of dimpled grin/shrug/head shake move and he turned to me and said “no, not really”.  I made an utter fool of myself and I’m so glad I did.  She loves me for it now.  😉

I knew her professionally but in a kind of distant way until the evening I saw her at the Ira Glass This American Life tour in Scottsdale and realized hey we have something very unique in common.

Who knew that  years later, she’d end up reading a story on that very same show.  And that I’d be there with her, listening on her kitchen radio drinking champagne, staring at each other with tears streaming down our faces, being held up vertical by her old mauve speckled kitchen counters.  Tears for so many reasons.  For the miracle of Sophie, for the fact she landed in this dream come true, that she got to talk to our idol Ira Glass, for the moment of sharing it together.  Friendship.

I have many friends.  More than most people probably.  I make friends easily and have all kinds of levels of friendships going on in my life that float in and out at different levels at different times.

But Amy’s the one who takes care of me consistently.  She does so selflessly, unexpectedly, notices what’s happening in my life and quietly responds.  Grace.  Elegance.  Friendship.

She’s the one who saw me in a state of depression and said “I think you need to see Sophie” and brought her over.  Sophie who’s kind of like a walking, talking. giggling, wiggling antidepressant.  Holding a paint brush that she just might “soft” you with if you’re lucky.

((Read more about Amy and Sophie here on her brilliant blog Girl in a Party Hat)

Amy turned my life around one day with the words “I don’t think you should go”.

I listen to her.  I trust her.  I lean on her.  I laugh with her. I share with her my deepest confidences and heartbreaks.  I appreciate her more than I’m sure I ever say.  And more than she could ever fully receive.

Because I also know her.

And she knows me.



True love.

I’m so grateful this and every day for Amy Silverman.

Happy Birthday Amy.

I love you forever.  I only hope I fill a special space in your life in even a fraction of the way you do mine.


celebrating our birthdays together this week with an evening of storytelling at Lit Lounge and dinner out at our favorite restaurant FnB–perfect

6 thoughts on “amy

  1. For Amy to mean so much to you, you have to also be open to her Heart. You are very Blessed in your deep Friendship. May God continue to Bless you both.

    Have another beautiful day!!!!

    Love and Hugs ♥ ♥ ♥

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