While cleaning my kitchen just now, I got to thinking about the word “sorry” and it’s mis and over use in our language.

I’m gonna keep this short and simple.

I’ve decided that I’m only going to include the word “sorry” in my vocabulary when I’m sincerely regretting my actions and sincerely wanting to make amends.  It’s a liberating , life affirming word in that context!   Any other use of this word is disrespectful.  To the word, to myself, to the other person I’m communicating it to.

Furthermore, I’d like to ban the use of the word “sorry” preceding the word “but” in common conversation.

Unless that word combination is preceded by this phrase, for which I will make an exception:

“I’m going to patronize you right now by saying…”.

Then I’m ok with the “sorry, but…” thing.

I will also make an exception for Stephen Colbert because it’s the right thing to do.

A sincere apology goes a long way.  A fake one also goes a long way….to Nausea Town.

Here’s to authenticity!  Here’s to not bastardizing a very powerful and humble word.

I’m sorry, Sorry, for ever mistreating you.  I’ll be more careful in the future.

5 thoughts on “sorry

  1. Shelley

    I agree with all your write here and I think that most adults find it hard to apologize because they were never taught to as children.

    Apologizing [ sincerely ] is an indicator of the health of the relationship. In healthy relationships the person who offends sincerely apologizes and the
    offended person graciously forgives. In unhealthy relationships, the offender does not apologize, or apologizes inadequately, and the offense sits as a silent barrier
    to their growth.

    I believe that learning to apologize is a life skill that makes all of our relationships more authentic. When offenses go unacknowledged, the relationship remains fractured.
    I really feel that people who can apologize sincerely are the ones we want to be around–the strong ones–the ones we can trust.

    “Im sorry” isn’t enough! A genuine apology includes these:
    I am sorry…
    I was wrong…
    What can i do to make it right?
    I’ll try not to ever do that again….
    Will you please forgive me?

  2. I would love to remove that word from my vocabulary, I’m known as the Queen of Sorry and probably use that word more than any other word in the English language 😀
    Thing is, I really don’t do anything that requires an apology, I think it’s just a leftover habit cause by middle girl child who went to Catholic school 😉
    and just to stay in character, i’m sorry lol 😀

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