Raw and rough with my raw and rough bronchitis voice, my first spoken word video, unedited.


6 thoughts on “burn

  1. Carol

    One small seedling…gasping for air….after fires in the Everglades…grows into a magnificent pine with branches and cones way at the tippy top…so that when the fire comes again…it has to reach way high up to get to the cone…which, once again, in the scorching heat, will burst open, scattering seeds so that life will go on….life will find a way to go on….just like you. Just like you.

  2. lovelaw

    Beautiful. I’m praying that your seedling grows tall and strong. You are on the right track! Fight to remain in the sunlight, and don’t ever forget to “water her.” Ever!! You need to nurture yourself above all else right now! (((Hug)))

  3. Oh Dear Kathy,

    I’m finally reaching the stage of ‘That one small seedling gasping for air’.
    I’ve nearly been unable to function since last Thursday when our Grand-Doggie Reba passed away in my arms from heartworm disease. She was only 5. This poem really speaks to my Heart. You really speak to my Heart. Thank You!

    Love and Healing Hugs from Paula (Soulsad)

  4. pilcherje

    Yes. Raw. And open. A rough memory. And in spite of that vulnerability, the “seedling” strives, to survive. With a new voice. It certainly speaks to the recognition of a past with hope for a future and the value in the question of the part(s) one would remove, in order to survive. Our inner voice can be powerful, when we listen. Even if it takes several steps to get there. I can’t help but think what’s learned along the path makes our footing all the more sure. Step by step. ❤ xxoo

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