I boarded the ferry with two thoughts on my mind.

1. How much I dig this whole ferry riding situation and how glad I am that I brought my car on.

2. How utterly charmed this trip has been at the risk of using the word charmed a gazillion times too many by now.

Then I looked up and there was this.


And it got brighter and brighter the whole sweet ride.


4 thoughts on “sweet

  1. Brought back long ago memories of riding the car ferry with my family before there was a Mackinac Bridge here. sigh …. I so love sharing your jaunts and thoughts and meals and deals and …. Where have you been hiding all my life? I look forward to all your posts, my dear. It is a daily dose of good medicine for me. What a lovely ride (even with bumps and bruises occasionally) we get to share.

    Keep that soothing, pampered glow. πŸ™‚

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