sensing in seattle



I decided a few days ago that since this trip to Seattle this weekend is turning out to be so utterly charmed, that I’d be smart to open all my senses wide and pay attention so I can be as open as possible to everything I’m to experience there.

I’m so excited I can’t even express it in words!

It’s been a kind of demanding week with several intense meetings re:  John’s care plan with our attorney, Psychiatrist, Advocate, a lot of phone calls and of course my own practice fitting in there.  It’s been an entire week packed in to three days.  It’s such a relief though to hear Manny, his advocate say “I’ll make sure John’s doing ok while you’re gone”.  Wow, what a concept!



I’ve never been to Seattle before and I love love love as much as anything exploring a new city, feet on the ground wandering in to it’s nooks and crannies.


This morning I went to check in for my flight, about an hour after the 24 hour mark had passed.  I’m flying on Alaska Airlines which I’ve also never flown on before.  Apparently they’ve taken over the “fly the friendly skies” vibe that someone else used to have…United?

Ya know how they hold those front/more roomy seats for extra purchase or upgrades?  Well, apparently this airline does that and if no takers, 24 hours before the flight they open them to whoever wants them.  For no extra charge.

So…I first skipped to ma lou up to the front and grabbed a great seat.  Then I went back to print my boarding pass and saw something about doing a first class upgrade.  Well……well well well in fact, I ended up upgrading to FIRST CLASS for $50 bucks total.  Oh and since my bag check is complimentary now, that saved me $20 so basically my entire first class upgrade for this 3 hour flight ends up being $30.  I do think I can probably drink my value of that in Bloody Mary’s.  😉  Kidding, kinda.


pretty sure this is exactly how I will look in my First Class seat/lounge–esp the champagne, and the hair, face and body. 😀

(actual googled photo of Alaska Airlines First Class muhahaha)

Looks like I’ll have plenty of space to complete my 130 squats tomorrow.  😀

I land at 9am and will zip straight over to Pike Place Market where I know where I’m having breakfast, lunch and two happy hours.  At least I’ve been researching.  😉  I’m basically gonna eat, drink and wander my way around Seattle for the first two days.  Before the writing conference.  And I’ve been fasting on the front end so I can do so 100% guilt free.


Friday night I go to the swanky charity dinner at the Fairmont and got an email today telling me I’m sitting at the table with the President (and his wife) of the Humanities Dept at the University that this entire charity thing is for.  I’m pretty sure I’m at the VIP table.  I just hope they’re fun.  Humanities people are fun, right?   I asked to be seated at “the fun table”, I did!  Never hurts to put it out there! 😀

I also promised my bff Joilyn that I’d go on that huge ferris wheel which is a big deal as I’m scared sh!tless of ferris wheels.  All the more reason to do it, right?



I think I’ll go at night, it would be amazing under a full moon!

Then today I realized I can take a ferry to Kingston and go kayaking!  And eat crepes and drink amazing coffee and and and………

Can you tell I’m so excited?

I have to leave my house at 4am so here I am in my jammies at 7:30 almost all packed and ready to go.

I wonder who I’ll be meeting, what experiences I’ll be having, what will be infused in through my eyes, ears, skin, lungs, breath, tastebuds, imagination?

Oh and duh, I’ll be writing, learning about writing, listening to writers and diving in to the world of Writing.  Which is the whole point of the trip or at least the inspiration to go.  I think if I stay open enough, I’ll learn the real reason the Universe is rolling out the red carpet like this.


Stay tuned for pics…as always.


10 thoughts on “sensing in seattle

  1. pilcherje

    All the hustle and the bustle, sights sounds and smells, what a city Seattle is! I’m so excited for you, this opportunity to see a place you’ve not seen and the opportunity with the writers conference, how rich is that!?! The architecture is remarkable, the streets, up and down…people everywhere! The shops! So many side streets with homes that drop my jaw…I love brick Tudors!
    If you get the chance to Ferry over to Kingston…it will be an affair to remember. Sweet charm, it has all the ambiance of creativity, writers and artists, where life is a lot slower and the coffee shops beckon on a crispy day. Yep, fall is here now and it’s a lot cooler than the wonderfully warm summer we had…it just came so fast!
    Keeping fingers crossed weather holds for you, got an umbrella just in case? And lots of pictures…lots! There should be a lot of colors coming in now and even on a cloudy day, there’s something about it that still takes my breath away.
    Flown Alaska many times. Good airline, smooth sailing and attentive stewards, it’ll be fine! Hope you got a lot of sleep…you’re going to be one busy gal!! Can’t wait to read your next adventure page!

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