oh oh oh!


Pick me!  Pick me!  That’s me waving my hand in the air!

I rarely see something that makes me go “I WANT THAT!” but I did this morning.

It was this:


I think that is just so cute!

My favorite baking blogger (funny seeing I’m not eating wheat really right now) is Sweetapolita.

She’s having a contest today giving away this mixer.

But I ended up diving a little deeper in to this Kitchenaid situation and found THIS!

I can make my OWN with my old tiredish white Kitchenaid mixer with these decals!  OMG, the creativity!

I’m gonna get those decals for myself for my birthday (my second present shhhhh) and gonna pick the colors that match my china if I can get three–turquoise, that apple green and metallic gold.  How CUTE right?

This is me right now, after doing my ONE HUNDRED AND TEN (110) consecutive squats this morning!


5 thoughts on “oh oh oh!

  1. Kiminnm

    Sweet!! Love the dance at the end..I did the squat challenge till 180. Then my back said no more..started biking again though and that feels good! I have been staying up w your blog! Always relate to your journey! Life has been busy here in nm with all my care taking duties ..loved your blog about “how are YOU doing…could so relate….thanks again for all your sharing I had an aha moment when you wrote about walking at your own pace and allowing Alphonse to do the same…I must remember that as I journey!! Xoxo Kiminnm

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