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I posted this on another blog about my thoughts regarding Jodi Arias potentially getting a deal and pleading guilty for Life Without Parole.  My comment is in response to this blog post:

Movement in the Jodi Arias Case?

A reporter for an Arizona newspaper tweeted some interesting news about the Jodi Arias case.

Jodi StandHe noticed that “the Maricopa County Superior docket shows a settlement conference set for Jodi Arias at 10:30 am on October 24, 2013.”

The reporter noted that “settlement conferences are used to reach a plea agreement.” Since there has already been a conviction they may be discussing sentencing options. If so, it’s expected that her lawyers will try to spare her from the death penalty.

Even though the conference is “on the docket,” there is no guarantee that it will take place. Delays are characteristic of this court. If the conference does take place, it’s unlikely that it will be open to the media.

The wait continues.

If you were Travis Alexander’s family, would you forego your desire for the death penalty and settle for life in prison?

Michael Kiefer digs deeper into what the settlement conference means and the potential outcomes for Arias.  For those concerned about her potential release in the event of a life with parole deal, he notes that it is no longer an option. “Even the chance of “release” after 25 years has been eliminated for murders committed after 2012.”

Kiefer also makes a good point about the appeal process in the event of the death penalty compared to a life without parole sentence. If Jodi Arias is sentenced to death, an appeal is automatic whereas if she receives life, “her appeals would go instead to the Arizona Court of Appeals [as opposed to federal court], then to the Arizona Supreme Court and then back to Superior Court for what is referred to as “post-conviction relief.”

Debra Milke and Johnathan Doody both had their death-sentence verdicts tossed out of court on federal appeals cases.

In that case, life without parole all but guarantees that Jodi Arias never leaves prison.

The comment I posted is this:

As a family member of a murder victim who’s killers were sentenced to death in the State of AZ, I can speak with some clarity on what the system does to family members. One of my sister’s killers DID get off death row with a “mental retardation” claim. In fact, appeals attorneys argued that for both of her sophisticated premeditated murderers. The worst treatment my family ever received was from death penalty appellate lawyers.
This family however, has been tortured by Arias’ defense team from Day One. They’ve also been maligned and demeaned by the local reporter you mention here: Michael Kiefer who has shown sympathy to Arias time and time again in articles and to my ears personally. He is firmly planted in the Arias defense team camp so take anything he reports as “objective” with that knowledge.

In our cases, there was no LWOP in the state of AZ. It was either Life WITH parole in 25 or death. So the DP was a no brainer as they were both in their 20′s and had a chance of release. The odds of a death row inmate actually being executed are in the single digits in terms of percent. The odds of families being tortured are about 100% throughout the lengthy, decades long appeals process.
Those very people championing for “life” will be the very ones putting completely innocent grieving family members through the ringer. Then blaming them for their suffering (I had Michael Kiefer do that exact thing to my face during the Arias trial in the courtroom). So it’s not an easy road for families.
I’m a proponent of something called “Life Row”. Let the “worst of the worst” of our society not get the “best of the best” legal assistance but get what they deserve: to be forgotten in isolation. Remove the access, the web pages that read like singles ads, the high paid attorneys fighting to put danger back on the street, get rid of it all. Let them rot behind some closed door not profiting even in attention for their crimes.
And let the family members move forward without the constant harassment. WE DID NOTHING WRONG.

With all of that being said, I support the Alexander family 100% in whatever they want for whatever reasons they want it, which by the way, they don’t have to justify to anybody.

If they stand steadfast to the DP for Jodi Arias, I stand in solidarity with them holding their hand every step of the way. It’s their life and they are standing in it and they get to decide.

I’m going to PS my post with this:

While we’re at it, let’s limit, legally the number of appeals they get on this Life Row.  In years or actual numbers.  You get ____ shot at an appeal then you are done, case closed.  Now that would be a breath of fresh air and maybe we’d finally start to see deterrence enter in to the picture.

18 thoughts on “deal or no deal

  1. Thanks for being such a wonderful proponent for these cases, KCL. Your words speak nothing but the truth, and it is unfortunate that the families of victims must suffer repeated indignities. I am glad you let your words be shared and heard! Best wishes are always desired for you. I give my full support to you and to the Alexander family.

  2. lovelaw

    David Westerfield is STILL in the appeals process, after having been convicted of killing little Danielle van Dam, and being sentenced to death in JANUARY OF 2003!!! INSANE!

    I like your idea of LIFE ROW. The worst of the worst should suffer a long life of drudgery, boredom, isolation, bad food, and only themselves to keep them company.

    My heart breaks each time you write about your sister.<3

    • Well as you know love, Cindy’s murderer has been on death row appealing since 1990! After 18 years the one was released from Death Row back in to General Population, leaving his brother behind. Who’s still appealing, was once “mentally retarded” yet guilty but now I guess he’s claiming innocence again. Insane.

      • lovelaw

        I just cannot fathom your disdain for “the system.” Sometimes I wonder for whom it is really working. Of course the presumption of innocence is paramount…..but GUILTY & sentenced to death…they’ve had their Due Process…their “day in court.” What’s the POINT if they are allowed to appeal until……well, until……WHEN??? GRRRRREAT!

  3. Good for you, Kathy. I found a disturbing picture on the Jodi Arias Support Page on Facebook–it’s a selfie in a car with her hair blonde in front & darker in back–the way she testified her hair was prior to the death trip. She has 2 other selfies with the dark brown color with her sitting in the car. I think this is also a pic on her death trip–I think she dyed it that darker color in Salinas. I wonder if I should send it to someone in the prosecutor’s office? It proves she dyed her hair if the photo was taken on that trip to kill Travis. I know she’s already been convicted of premeditation, so maybe it doesn’t matter. It does show her devious plan to alter her looks on the way to the killing.
    Oh–and Kiefer is such a pig he makes me sick.

  4. I do not want to misrepresent what Chris Hughes or anyone else would do to advise the siblings of Travis, so here are some of the friends of Travis in their own words. “Some people deserve the death penalty and Jodi Arias is one of them. The family is VERY united. They want her to get the death penalty. Absolutely.” Chris Hughes

    Travis Alexander LIVE in San Berdino

    Travis’ friends speak out…3&postcount=29…#ixzz2S7cGVn89

    Steven Alexander VIS…&postcount=103

    I Hope You Fly song by Detective Flores daughter for Travis’ family

    Chris Hughes, Travis’ best friend takes us to church…t-8-pm-eastern

    Deanna Reid, the love of Travis’ life
    Travis and Deanna photos

    Travis speaking about his love for his buddy, Chris Hughes

    Elated friends of Travis on Verdict…postcount=1872

    A tribute by A News Junkie
    Tanisha and Harold’s wedding

    Verdict day
    Travis videos…?feature=watch…35&postcount=6

    three jurors speak out , they voted for death penalty…ience-19259344

    Jodi Araias is no more suicidal than she is
    Mormon or ….
    a blonde.

    You just can’t make this stuff up!!

  5. Mandie

    I don’t get why the Judge would be involved in a settlement conference. It is usually done through mediation, at least here in Florida. Unless they have reached an agreement and Judge has to approve. Just doesn’t make sense.

  6. MsDeb

    Kudos to you, Kathy! I admire your fortitude and stand in solidarity with you & Travis’ family…I am praying that Travis’ friends & relatives be spared a ‘repeat performance’ by the dastardly defense team duo.

  7. You heard it directly from Tanisha, that the family DO want to go ahead. I believe Juan Martinez will do everything he can to move forward so the fact that there is anything by any title on the docket does not represent any standing down on the part of the state. I agree with you, if THEY feel they can handle the stress of going through it again, and they believe they have weighed the pros and cons of appeal process vs her being in lock down on death row, then that is their decision. Hopefully them knowing what transpired in your case can be a template for them of what to look out for. I think you sharing your story MATTERS!!!

  8. Rose

    Bless your sweet sister who has gone too soon…

    I don’t really care about JA getting the death penalty anymore. I bet it would sound great to hear the words ‘We the jury fix the penalty at death’ but she’ll just get put on a pedestal after that.
    LWOP is good. Still I’m supporting Travis’ family and whatever they want we all want I guess. 🙂

  9. Cyndi Wells Platfoot

    Bravo & well said! You’ve opened my eyes to so much regarding the DP. It’s an absolute travesty how the convicted become the ‘victims’ & the real victims are forgotten.

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