lobstah rolls part deux


Twice we’ve had Lobstah rolls delivered to us by friends and fam this week. Livin the dream…


2 thoughts on “lobstah rolls part deux

  1. pilcherje

    How Pav-lov-i-an is That! And the beer and the chips….

    No, no, it’s ok. These Dinosaur shaped compressed chicken thingies are great frozen on a hot day cause I can’t bake them since my oven has Easy-Off in it and I didn’t want to microwave them cause they get all tough and spongy and I don’t do spongy and I didn’t want to fry them though I could I just didn’t want to so with that I’m having left over coffee from this morning and that I did microwave oh and I made strawberry jello this morning and I think I’ll add whipped cream topping from a tub to it kinda making it a ….well, never mind.

    I’m just hoping someday they make Easy-In … is that asking too much? xoxo

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