peace of mind



One of many sunsets from the porch at Wells Beach

Furiously packing and tying up loose ends here to get out of here at 5am.  I want to get to the airport to see if there’s any chance I can upgrade to first class tomorrow at the airport…wish me luck!

We had a FANTASTIC meeting today with John’s new private case manager:  Manny Walker.  He’s the guy you want on your side let me tell you.  He’s fierce and smooth and knows ALL about the mental health systems in AZ having worked in many advocacy capacities for 30 years.  He connected with John right away, I had a great vibe on him and he is very proactive.  While I was sitting there wishing he’d accompany John to his next Dr. appt next week he just piped up and said “John I’d like to go with you to the Dr. next week and let this team know what is expected of them”.  He knows the Psychiatrist well, has a good reputation and is a guy who gets things done.


I’m using this photo as Manny had a similar hat and shirt on today and Denzel looks like a bad ass here with a briefcase like Manny carries 😉

He’s got that kind of Denzel Washington style of quiet confidence that commands respect.  That’s how I take him anyway,  He assured us that by law, John can take his medication whenever he wants to, can refuse to be monitored, can choose whoever he wants on his team and he will facilitate bringing Dr. Yasinski back on in whatever capacity we want him.  Even if it’s as a counselor or backup monitoring of John’s meds.  He said he will let the ACT Team know in no uncertain terms that goals need to be documented and a clear plan established.

This man doesn’t mess around!  He charges a flat monthly fee, checks in regularly and is basically available for whatever you need in terms of case management from the smallest of things like calling John while I’m out of town to full blown handling hospitalizations and attending staffings.  He’s like me, but in a more respected form.  And his taking over my role frees me up to be a sister vs. a case management sister.

Ahhhh…can you imagine how much more relieved I feel about leaving now?  John is also doing much better these last few days.  I can only imagine how this development of a plan and making him a priority affects his mental health.  Everyone wants to feel important.

What’s that line from The Help?  “You is smart.  You is kind. You is important”.  Imagine being on the fringe of those messages in your life then getting inundated with it.

My cousin Katy will be picking me up from the Boston shuttle with lobster rolls and champagne.  How lucky am I?  She’s driving me up to the cottage with her family who will be returning the next day and she will get to stay with me for a whole day and night alone!  We’re gonna do facials, drink wine, walk the beach, cook and do a lot of girl talk.  I can’t wait!


I see both of us in that exact pose tomorrow evening

I think I may post a pic a day while I’m gone to represent the theme of that day.  Let’s see if I can distill it to that.

I’ll be going out on a lobster boat with our friend Sid (who doesn’t eat lobster so gives them to me 🙂 ), reading, resting, being cold at night under the blankets with my window cracked facing the ocean, sunrises, sunsets, kayaking, cooking, visiting, beachcombing, etc. etc.  What I won’t be doing is worrying about my dear brother who’s receiving the attention he deserves, finally.


This is my Dad’s amazing swordfish…my favorite of all time




This will be happening most evenings after bocce ball


will definitely be making my famous basil tomato tart for Happy Hour–I also made our HH platter that we pull out each year


sunset bocce!






This wild bunch is coming down from NH for two days of..this.


sunsets over the ocean every night…

My only worry at the moment is if my suitcase weighs over 50 lbs…but maybe if I get in first, they won’t care.  😉

Ciao everyone!  See you soon….


7 thoughts on “peace of mind

  1. lovelaw

    I am SO glad that you finally seem to have hit the jackpot, in Manny & Co.!!

    Good luck upgrading to 1st Class! No one deserves it more than you!!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  2. spellbound4

    Everything you wrote has given me just one thought………….fabulous, Fabulous, FABULOUS!!!! Go and enjoy and rest that weary brain.
    (Love that new CM!)
    (Really enjoyed your pics, too!)

  3. Stacy (IfIMay)

    Envious! I’ve only been to Maine once, but I want to retire there some day. Have a wonderful time without that constant worry. So happy for you and your Dad! I’m beyond happy for John who will now get to live a life of dignity with people surrounding him that support his ability to live the best life!

  4. Chris

    I can smell that cool salty air and feel the coarse cold sand. Growing up in Rhode Island, my favorite memories, and what I miss the most are all those days spent by the ocean.Oh.. what I wouldn’t give to be eating a lobster roll served on a buttery toasted hot dog bun! or a clam cake. Don’t forget to scour the shore for some beach glass. Dark blue is very hard to find. I loved scraping the sand with my toes,hoping to find an unusually large piece. You’ve made me miss my home! Rhode Island has a large Italian population and I have also played my fair share of bocce. When I was a youngster (many moons ago) my father would have all the “men” in the neighborhood over on Saturday afternoons to drink beer and play bocce, we had the only large, flat lawn in the neighborhood. Thanks for bringing back a flood of memories!
    Have fun with your family and friends…you deserve it!

  5. MsDeb

    Katie, you are adorable…and so is your family! I’m so glad that you can grab a moment of happiness & peace….even if they are few and far between!

  6. Kathy! This is like one of those knee slapping times! Happy that you’re happy, feeling relief and confident and now on your way to peace and relaxation! Love the pictures…so happy to hear John is in great hands…and a good time by all will be had. Enjoy Kiddo! xoxo

  7. teres

    This post brings back great memories of the pleasure I had to experience the Monkeyspoon w you and your family 3 years ago :-). And a photo of me snuck into your blog!! So excited that you as a great writer haven’t forgotten the friend from days past 😉 hugs to all! And have a great time. So pleased to hear John’s in such great hands. Xo

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