I’m happy to report that today went really really well.

John is doing the best he’s done since he got out of the hospital, we went to see our attorney (John and he met for the first time) and had a very productive meeting there devising a new plan then we went to our second movie out this week and had a really good time.

What we learned today was that major changes are afoot in the public mental health care spectrum as soon as Oct. 1 and probably the very latest Nov. 1.

Without going in to too many boring details, the major mental health care provider, Magellan, has lost their contract with the State of AZ.  This is major.  There are 4 contracted service providers under them, one of which John goes to (Choices) and the ineffectual ACT Team is one step below them.  That’s how far down the food chain it is.   I’m sure everyone knows their days are numbered, their jobs are soon to be disbanded, the clinics might be closing and they are trying to stay afloat.  Our attorney said he came home after a 3 week trip to Africa and had more urgent calls with crises related to these fractures than he has in the last several years.  He counted our appointment another sign of the times that things are crumbling…or really, have already crumbled.  We came in to a war zone after the residents have surrendered.  It makes more sense now.


I’m not making excuses for anyone because John’s treatment has been abominable since he got in this program.  Do you know he still has heard not word one from his case manager?  He still has no plan of care and still his one and only service is one he doesn’t need that ties him to his home for two hours waiting for someone to watch him swallow his pills.  It’s almost comical at this point.  What will it take for him to even get engaged in this program?  Nothing, because it’s not going to happen, ever.  Which is actually preferred right now.  This is nothing more than medication filling, blood draws and a couple more Dr. visits, maybe.  I really don’t want any of them intervening at this point…what a turn of events huh?


Oh no, Mama don’t think so

I’d written a letter basically holding their feet to the fire again about what was promised us and what I expected while I was gone but then, after meeting with our attorney, just decided to let it go and ride out this lame ass program until we pull John out as soon as we can when I get back.  In the meantime we’ve contacted a private case manager who’s coming to meet John tomorrow and who will check on him while I’m gone.  He will transition to John’s primary CM in a few weeks.  Our attorney works with him ALOT so spoke very highly of his competence and caring in this role.  He’s never steered me wrong so I trust him.  It’s good in life to just stick with the people you TRUST vs. trying to trust those who have already proven you can’t.  What a LIFE LESSON that was, right?


Chick (our atty) was not surprised but still at the same time disgusted at how this ridiculously dysfunctional and incompetent program had the audacity to mandate who John could and could not see, when to take his bedtime medication and said if we’d chosen to stay in it, he would write one letter reminding them that John has rights and they can’t usurp them like that. But then we decided why put energy in to this broken , crack filled, I don’t even know what to call it.  It’s not a “program”. It’s really just a shell of some sort.  Sad, really.  It’s obvious no one cares anymore about their job much less the patients involved.

John’s mental health is much much better, he was on board 100% with this plan and I feel much less worried about leaving him now for 10 days.  We both just kept telling him he’s deserving of the best team around him and his health will greatly improve when we get that in place.  John’s team will include an attorney, a case manager, the best Psychiatrist I’ve ever met, a peer support person (unless she loses that job with the changes) and whoever of VALUE we pick up along the way.  This is a great place to put my energy vs banging my head against the walls of the public system.


So we definitely have a light at the end of the tunnel and both feel it.  We have a really good plan, good people to work with and I can only imagine the impact on John’s self esteem considering how he’s been existing for so many years in the horribly ineffective public system. As I told him “Dad had his surgery at the Mayo Clinic because it’s the best.  You get to have medical care helping you who are the best too”.  He’s so humble and not used to this but he will get used to it, because I will never, ever settle for less for him or either of us again.


If you have a minute or fourteen, please take a moment to watch this video.  It’s so inspiring about a woman who truly recovered from Schizophrenia.  I want to align with this chick.  It would be a lot better use of my time and talents to help her cause than fighting nitwits.  This will inspire you no matter what your limitations are…I want to add my brother to her list and I truly believe that’s possible.  Maybe we’ll make our own video one day.  Sky’s the limit!

8 thoughts on “relief

  1. Cyndi Wells Platfoot

    I’m so happy and relieved for both you & John that things are getting better! I’ll continue my prayers for John’s recovery!

  2. spellbound4

    I feel an exciting anticipation for what lies ahead. The program changes you hinted at may bring the necessary support your brother deserves. My fingers are crossed ever so tightly that it happens quickly and John can keep a positive outlook. I so hope you leave for your 10 days with a lighter heart now.

    The video was incredible! I never dreamed such a recovery was possible.

  3. Stacy (IfIMay)

    relief spreads! So happy that you have a plan you and John feel good about. It’s a shame that the system is so broken and so uncaring at such a basic level, but I’m glad there are people you can trust to turn to for John’s sake and your family’s. So happy you can now go and relax and regroup. Best wishes always to you, John and your Dad.

  4. Our Dear Kathy,

    I didn’t dare to watch the above video before I make a comment. You have a way of hooking me in to a video and then getting lost on clicking on other videos offered after watching the one you share. SHAME ON YOU (Peony Sister) but thank You as well. I never got back to your yesterday post because I found myself listening to all 46 of James Morrison’s videos on UTube. Thanks to you, he has another fan. I don’t know if you’re a fan of ‘AMERICAN IDOL’ or not but James Morrison and last year’s winner Phillip Phillips are so very much alike in how they view music and how to approach giving it to the audience in the best earthy way. Forget the flash and drama – just sing it from your Heart. Love, Love, Love that kind of music and it’s pure presentation.

    Kathy, I am so very happy that after reading your post from today (Friday) I see God is answering my (our) prayers. Of course it’s in ‘His’ time but His time is always perfect. I am so pleased beyond measure.

    Knowing that you will be able to get the full benefits of your vacation is another Blessing that I am thanking God for. Being on vacation with stress lurking in the background is really no vacation at all. Attorney Chick sounds like a lifeline.

    Love, Peace and Healing Hugs,
    Paula ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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