You’re wondering what that stands for, aren’t you?


I love my manicures and pedicures.  But a nail polish will generally stay on my fingers about 24 hours. That’s if I make it out of the salon without nicking it. :/

I’ve been getting these “gel” manicures which are high maintenance  and kind of not so healthy for your nails but will stay on for a week.  Or two, but usually around one for me.  I have to keep my nails super short but I do like pampering my hands and feet in this way.

On Sat. when I went in, the nail tech suggested I try this new OPI polish… some kind of vinyl long wearing.  She wanted to try it on me to see how it actually worked.


I did the glitter part myself

Well let me tell you, it’s Wed now and I’ve done tons of crafting, working (which means using oils at times and washing my hands many times a day) and typing etc and this thing is nearly perfect still!  This is a mini miracle!

This is the polish they used:


I have to laugh because I’m pretty sure the color I picked out is called “Lobster roll” and I leave for Maine Sat and there will be much lobster…and lobster rolls!  😀

It’s like the long wear of the gel manicure without the hassle and damage to your nails.

Ok ok, I may as well throw in a gratuitous pedicure pic…I love this style, I get it from time to time.  It’s a little worn as it’s more like 3 weeks old.  I”ll change it tomorrow. 🙂


With all of the intensity of late, thought I’d throw out a little levity.  What’s your favorite beauty tip?



5 thoughts on “pba

  1. spellbound4

    “What’s your favorite beauty tip?”

    Hahahhaha …. I do too much digging in the yard or flower beds to bother with anything more than a good nail file. I do pamper myself with lotions (love my heated lotion dispener in the winter) and fancy soaps, though. Just a bit of a wistful farm gal deep inside, sigh. I absolutely adore getting dirty and having a good reason for these tired bones. 🙂 Hubby teases that one day he will buy me real “digger/scooper” machine. (Even taught myself a bit about re-mortaring tuck points in our old brick house last summer 😉 —not too bad if I say so myself)

    Beauty secrets? Maybe a mud bath? I have had plenty of those!

  2. lovelaw

    LOVE the color! Beauty tip??? Hmmmmm. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! Also, I know they say to never add water to mascara…..but, I do ALL the time. Just a single drop revives a once thought “used up” tube! 🙂

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