A heartfelt thank you to you all for all the support and comments today.  I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  I’ve read all of them multiple times.

Ended up taking John out to dinner tonite who was quite a bit better.  We shared a huge bear hug before we left and he just kept thanking me for caring about him and loving him and being “such a good sister”.  I’m telling you, that boy man melts my heart.

We went for Swedish comfort food and had a long talk over dinner about this crappy program.  He is ok with bailing on it if they don’t shape up, quickly.  Frankly I was ready to ditch them today but texted with Dr. Yasinski who kind of talked me off the ledge and suggested we wait just a little longer for a variety of well thought out reasons.  I trust him.  In many ways he’s the only person I trust who’s been involved in John’s care so his recommendation made sense to me.

I do see us eventually landing in his care ultimately but have to kind of take some steps to get there.

So we’ll wait it out but I’m drafting a letter to the other Psychiatrist about the events over these last few days to let them know, in writing, how they’ve dropped the ball repeatedly on John.  I’m a big believer in documentation. All those years as an RN are still with me I guess.

Anyway, I’m hunkering down on this stormy night, watching Project Runway, eating my tart frozen yogurt that I love and letting the stress of this day melt off of me.

Just wanted to extend some love and appreciation before this day ends.

I love you all.



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