sneak peek


I never really feel as good as when I’m immersed in a creative project.

I remember an OT at the Psych Unit describing her role and she said something like “a Psychiatrist will tell you you aren’t doing anything because you’re depressed.  An OT will tell you you’re depressed because you’re not doing anything”.

That always stuck in my mind.  When I’ve been bummed out or going through a break up or just going through a down patch, starting a new creative project seems to pull me right out of it (NOT saying this is a remedy for anyone suffering severe depression, I’m just talking about life’s ups and downs).

It ignites that right brain and you lose time and I find myself constantly thinking about my project, excited about all it’s phases.  I’m always kind of sad when it’s completed.

I’m not telling you what right now but here is a sneak peek in to my current project that I spent a few hours on yesterday.  I still have kind of a long way to go but it will be worth it.  It’s so damn hot in Arizona right now that finding something to do inside is critical.

I painted over 200 of these suckers (some are upside down here) and have about 100 more to go.  Stay tuned. 🙂


12 thoughts on “sneak peek

  1. The Taj Mahal out of tiny little wooden sticks? I know how you feel. I quilt and when I start formulating my idea for the next one, its the creative attack and nothing will quench it til I pull all my fabric out and audition all the pieces.

      • spellbound4

        Those sticks look like the pile of shim sticks in our garage (have they all disappeared?). Looks to be an interesting project!
        My cure for the blues is to cut my own hair (it has gotten extremely short at times —ooops), or to go dig in the dirt. Hubs hates that I am forever digging something up and moving it, hehe.

  2. I have a quilt room which to the untrained eye looks like it was ransacked by drug-crazed hippies. However, there is a method to all the madness. I have more fabric than some fabric stores I have been in. It seems, though, that when I need, say green, I just don’t have the right shade and must go get another piece of fabric. It is the curse of the quilter, fabric addiction.

  3. MsDeb

    Kathy, I was in just such a state of depression for the past 14 months…what you’ve said is very true (I’m usually upbeat; I’ve only reached this depth of depression once before). I’m back to work (part time) and going back to school (full time)…Thank God…I’m starting to feel like my old self, again!!!

      • JoshuaJudgesRuth

        In addition to being a bitch, it’s also a liar. It whispers it’s lies quietly, constantly, until every part of me is wrapped in it’s terrible, believable lies. That’s the tiny, simple thought I hang onto when it has me. Depression is a liar. It’s always a liar. I’m so glad you’re feeling more like yourself, MsDeb. It’s amazing when that lying bitch leaves, isn’t it?!

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