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Yesterday I got up and told Alfonse “today we’re turning the house in to a spa and the whole day is about relaxation”.  He really had a grueling time in the hospital with all of it’s strict rules (he could only shave on Saturdays for one) so I declared these next few days “days of rest” for both of us.  I think generally in our culture none of us get enough of that.

I consider this transition as important as the hospital stay was for Alfonse in terms of recuperation.  I just think his whole body and mind needs down time and quietude.  I think mine does too.

I’ve said, and heard the words “if I had the day off I’d stay in my jammies all day and watch movies” but when it comes to days off, most of us run around like chickens with our heads cut off doing errands and busYness.

We met up with Dr. Yasinski in the morning and John really liked him (thank God).  So he’s now coming on the team to help support all of us, especially John.  I feel so fortunate to be have been referred to him.  I trust him on so many levels with knowing how to support Alfonse and all of us really.  That means so much.

We ran out to try a new Mexican restaurant for lunch that’s just up the road that everyone’s been raving about (YUM).


Agua de Mango and sopes

Then ran four errands (ok one was Yogurtland for later :D) and came home and went on the R E L A X.  We’re getting in to some new shows on Netflix (Scandal and House of Cards) and basically just enjoyed a day of simple pleasures.  For me just sitting in a room quietly watching TV with my brother is a version of Heaven. 

He just keeps expressing how good he feels, how amazed he is by the lack of symptoms, how happy he is to be out of the hospital, how grateful he is for my support.  My dear sweet brother is BACK.  It truly is a miracle.

Imagine my surprise when I heard on the news this morning that today is “The Day of the Bratwurst” and yesterday was “National Relaxation Day”.  Seriously!  They said that!  ha!


As we were out running around to pharmacies and other errands we kept remarking about how we hit every green light, how we ran in to no lines, just how smoothly the day was going.  We were in the Zone!


I’ve never appreciated just relaxing at home so much as I do right now.  And just conversing about “what do you want to eat for dinner?” or “what do you think about that show?”.


Made a shrimp stir fry for dinner–love having him to cook for-he loves everything I make

Catching up on little tasks put off while he was in the hospital.

Including getting Alfonse finally hooked up with his Ipad that he got for his birthday last April.

He went straight to researching recipes and asking what I might like for dinner.  🙂


pardon the bedhead, he’d just woken up

You never appreciate your good health until you’ve lost it temporarily.

You never appreciate the small stuff until you’ve had way too much big stuff to sweat for too long.

Netflix, home cooked meals, the Sirius spa station, air conditioning and jammies is where it’s at for us for the next few (HOT) summer days.  I think I’m just extending it to National Relaxation WEEK.

Much ado about nothing and I couldn’t be happier.


12 thoughts on “relaxation day

  1. Cynthia

    I so appreciate your approach to Alphonse’s homecoming. Calm, relaxed and giving him the time to adjust. The approach my family took was totally the opposite. They were busy teaching me new ways to cope and handle things and were pushing me to get involved. Little did they know, they were talking a foreign language and my recovery was longer because I felt inadequate and more of a failure. Thank you for being you and I’m glad you are taking time for yourself. Tell Alphonse to check out the application Paprika. It’s like a recipe box. You can get recipes on it and store your own on it too. My sister loves it.

    • Cynthia I’m sorry you had kind of a rushed transition. I feel certain families generally think they are doing the best with what they believe at the time. I think we all learn as we go along. I know I’ve made many mistakes along the way and am still learning all the time. You’re reminding me of the importance of baby steps–for myself too. I will check out that Paprika..thank you for sharing! hugs

  2. spellbound4

    I am practicing on learning to let myself re-lax. It’s not something that comes easy for me. Next time I plan a PJ-Day I will invite you two.
    Hope John loves his iPad! enjoy your relaxing days.

  3. 3monkees

    Oh Kathy, I wish you nothing but small miracles, hugs, and relaxation for the foreseeable future! I’m so happy that Alphonse is home with you and that you both are enjoying each other so completely. I know from caring for my son with mental illness that the ones that need our love the most sometimes make it so hard for us to love them. I hope that Alphonse is stable and healthy for a long time. He is very lucky to have you! I also wanted to thank you for having the courage to share so much of who you are with all of us.

    Much love and admiration,

  4. Thank you everyone for the replies. Another really good day. Alfonse keeps marveling at the “no voices” after so many years. It’s a new world for us all. Miracles can happen! I’m still digesting it all…and resting. lots of love. xo

  5. Rose

    Reading this makes me so happy! It’s amazing how much the well-being of people we’ve never met face-to-face concerns us. I pray for Alphonse often and am so glad to read these updates.

    The environment and sweet plans you create for Alphonse are just perfect. Nourishing and nurturing. Nothing like the simple pleasures in life. Eating good (comfort food!) food is medicine for the body and soul!

    Thank you, KCL, for this blog. I am so glad you write for us!

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