Yesterday I was sitting at home, as usual, (in my pajamas) posting on and watching the Andrea Sneiderman trial online.  I was just hanging out waiting to go pick up Alfonse at the hospital (yay) and suddenly heard a dainty knock on my door.

When I’m home alone I almost never answer my door unless I’m expecting someone or something so I ignored it.  But then the doorbell rang.  I peeked through my peephole and the only thing I could see was a flower.  How funny, I thought as I’d just sent flowers to some friends who were getting hitched that day (Rob and Sean who Alfonse referred to in the video).  I thought “ooooh, someone sending us flowers!” so opened the door.

Imagine my surprise to see the Vet who’d come for the Buddy visit just less than two weeks ago standing there holding a rose and slight tears in her eyes.  She’d come over personally to deliver Buddy’s ashes.  That wasn’t even part of the package but she went the extra mile to pick up his ashes and deliver them to my doorstep.  How thoughtful was that?  And I guess she went straight back to the moment we were all in last time she was at my house because her eyes were rimming with tears when she handed me the rose and small plastic, sealed box with Buddy’s ashes.  And gave me a hug.


It’s the little things in life sometimes.  I’ll never forget the thoughtfulness of this Vet and this amazing personalized service–from the kindness extended to me that day, the gently placing Buddy’s body in the soft basket with the blanket just covering his body, to asking me if I wanted to pet and kiss him one last time to yesterday showing up unexpectedly delivering his ashes.

I’m finding more and more of this “small town life” inside this huge bustling city I live in.  In fact I’ve been offering that kind of personalized care in my practice for over twenty years so I guess people like me are magnetizing toward me too.

On that note, the new Psychiatrist I’ve found for Alfonse (and all of the family) comes today for the first visit.  Fingers crossed it’s a good connection as this Dr. can really help us all now and down the line.

Right now I’m feeling very very fortunate and lucky to be surrounded by all the love I feel around us, including from all you readers out there.

Alfonse just came down saying “I slept like a rock!”.  Simple pleasures, that’s where it’s at these days.


4 thoughts on “thoughtful

  1. Hi Kathy,

    You and Buddy surely found a ‘treasure’ in this Vet. I’m so pleased that this hurtful time (saying GoodBye) was handled with such dignity and understanding for your and Buddy’s needs. The precious memories will always be right on the surface. The tiny piece missing from your Heart that was Buddy on Earth is meant to be filled with those precious memories. The tears may always be right there but so will eventual Peace.

    God Bless !
    Love and Healing Hugs,
    Paula ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. MsDeb

    It’s good to hear that your life is flowing a little more smoothly this week…I hope with all my heart that this peacefulness will last awhile, so you and Alfonse can bask in it and refresh your spirits.

  3. Peepers McPeep

    The peace of homecoming.
    A new beginning, learning to feel whole again.
    Quiet heartbeats no longer count the minutes, but count the possibilities.
    Katie, John, Buddy, A thousand XoXo’s to you.

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