A message from Alfonse!


Thank you all the love and prayers.  He’s made an amazing recovery.  Rest and recuperation on the docket for the next few days. ❤

16 thoughts on “home

  1. spellbound4

    Oh my Alfonse (John), that was so sweet! 🙂 I really like that I can put a voice and face to you now. It really does feel like being allowed to become a member of your family. I hope you will help Kathy out while you are there, and she will help you, too. Together, we will all walk this beautiful path to happiness and health. Thank you for sharing your video homecoming! Your Lazlo looks almost like my “Baby/Sybil” —- who is sweet as can be when she is Baby, but meaner than dickens when she changes into Sybil, just an old cranky kitty then (kind of like me I suppose? shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that I admitted that 😉 )

    Have a nice and restful evening. I hope lots of good things come your way.

  2. Meme Jones

    This video touched my heart! I pray that Alfonse will continue to be healthy and happy. Kathy, he is so blessed to have you in his life.

  3. MsDeb

    Dear Alfonse (& Kathy), thank you for giving us such a wonderful status update. God shower his blessings on you both! I am sending more prayers & good thoughts your way.

  4. margiyogi

    Kathy-what a sweet privilege to share your life in this way via FB. Loving Alphonse. And congrats to Rob & Sean. How wonderful.

  5. What wonderful news seeing Alphonse looking so relaxed, healthy and happy. (He really looks like your dad in that video.)

    I missed reading your blog while I was preoccupied with the horrific Hannah Anderson kidnapping. She only lives about 10 miles east of me, so I had an intensified interest.

    Hannah lost her beloved dog about the same time you lost your precious Buddy. This really tugs at the heartstrings.

    Well I’m off to read some of your other blog posts. I feel like you’re our own little modern day version of former Valley resident Erma Bombeck. 🙂


    • Such a horrific story Michael. That poor girl, she has a long road ahead. 😦 My heart really goes out to her. Thank you for that high compliment about my little sharings I do here..wow if that didn’t just make my whole week. xo

  6. ritanita

    Thank you so much for sharing Alfonse, Kathy and thank you, Alfonse for getting to a wonderful place. May you improve every day.

  7. Stacy (IfIMay)

    Oh Alphonse! You are even more adorable in your own words! Thank you for sharing such an important milestone with those of us who have come to love and adore you along with your darling Kathy. You guys will do great… praying that this path continues and you have only good times from now on. You have made my day. Continued good health, laughter and love to you both.

  8. Hi Alfonse/John,

    What an honor to finally meet you in person sort of. You look so relaxed, happy and handsome. I loved hearing directly from you. Your progress is a Blessing and an answer to my (our) prayers.

    Stay Sweet,
    God Bless !
    Paula ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Marthe aka sweetmop

    Wonderful, fabulous news!!! So touching, I am just thrilled for you & Alfonse.
    God’s blessings to Alfonse and to you, sweet Kathy! Thank you so very much for sharing with us!
    Sending love and a hug to you.So thankful that prayers have been answered.

  10. Laura Jackson

    That video is so awesome, Nice to see and hear Alfonse! He looks great, I pray things stay better for both of you. You are lucky to have each other, siblings know us like no one else can. You are so brave to be so open and share your life with us. Good be with you, you lift my spirits every time.
    Laura in Santa Barbara

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