“This is the kind of birthday I like. When someone else is cooking for me, on their birthday.” This is the reaction from that comment.


3 thoughts on “bacon

  1. Peepers McPeep

    I would enjoy very much a picture of bacon cooked
    by a Chef who wore only his Birthday Suit.
    Have any of those?.
    in your Birthday suit?
    I guess I understand. * Sad Sigh *
    Acrobatic drops of hot bacon grease could be a potentioal Birthday Bummer.
    Frosting your cake in a Birthday Suit sounds much, much safer.
    We don’t want another visit with… Dr. Lance.
    Always use a spotter.

    Hope this next year is filled with laughter
    Every day, a small gift to share.
    * Gives a wave of Birthdayness cheer *

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