****GROSS ALERT!!!****

Final shot of my injury before it fades in to a faint scar.

I got my stitches out on my lunch break two days ago.  Dr. Lance, got to see his namesake once again…awwww.  I’m still amazed at how I felt really zero pain in this whole thing.  Except the injections to numb it so I wouldn’t feel pain.  Go figure.


Dr. Lance was so careful in removing the stitches and checking each aspect of the wound to make sure it was healed up while I was sitting there practically toe tapping having to get back to work!  I have to say it wasn’t nearly as fun without Steve providing the entertainment.

Sir Lancelot ditched his seven Knights of the Round Beer Bottle and traded them in for four Strippers.

Cheeky bugga.

6 thoughts on “cheeky

  1. spellbound4

    Strippers?? Getting quite daring now, aren’t you?
    Glad your injury won’t be a major scar—just enough to remind you of a crazy-wonderful day. Hope your day is going well.

      • Good Morning Dear Kathy,

        Do you think perhaps you damaged or severed some nerve endings or do you have good sensation around the wound? Never fear if the nerves are involved. It can take up to a year to recover. Just take extra care when shaving your legs.

        Waiting on more about your (that would be two) exciting weekend
        Of course Steve has my prayers and I hope he had only good results on his testing.

        God Bless!
        Love & Healing Hugs,
        Paula ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Cheryl

    I love, love, love your humor! I really think we could be friends IRL if we didn’t live states away! Glad to hear you’re healing well.

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