I got my filthy disgusting too light disappointing color frustrating too easily stained carpet cleaned yesterday which meant I had to move most of my furniture out of the living room.  It got shoved in to the dining room, hall, kitchen and foyer.  I noticed as I was pushing this big arm chair in to the foyer in front of the hat tree, that it moved everything over and my cat shadow got all scrambled and disappeared.  😦

I got up this morning and pulled the furniture back out placing it back in the living room.  I didn’t even touch the hat tree or move it in any way, much less anything on it.

When I was finished, I looked back and this is what I saw.


Now the first appearance was something but this one, to me, is the real sign. I’m telling you, last night the entire shadow image had entirely disappeared in to another shape entirely.  And what do you make of that little shine in the middle of the “body”?  Is it where a cat’s heart would be?  Is it just me or does that look like a little heart?

It’s interesting now that I look at it, how his little ears seem to be extending to something above. Connected to or tethered to a shadow image floating above.

What do you guys make of all of this?

Sabine also seems to be spending a lot of time in that foyer.  I saw her poking around the hat tree yesterday.  As hard as it is to be reminded of my dear Buddy’s absence, maybe this angel kitty is teaching me in a deeper way about just how thin the veil between worlds is.

8 thoughts on “returning

  1. soulsad

    Hi Kathy,

    You already know this but it never hurts to know that many others feel the same. The only way the message could be more clear is if Buddy came and spoke to you in English. God knows exactly what you need to get through the long grieving process. He is showing and giving you Angel Blessings in the shape of Buddy. You are very Blessed. One’s Heart must be open to accept Blessings. Your Heart believes and mine does as well.

    Love and Healing Hugs,
    Paula ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Tracy

    Hey my friend Kathy Cool Lady, I had a cat for 18 years. I adopted her when she showed up outside of my workplace starving for food and love. It just so happened that my daugter desperately wanted a cat. Though flea ridden and starving, I went to my work after hours and we piciked up that beautiful girl, stopped to pick up cat food and kitty litter and she was ours from then on. She was approx. 6 months old. We (my 5 year old daughter) named her Sweety Cakes and we called her Sweety from there on in. She was the smartest cat in the world. Early in her life, she jumped off the balcony of our condo and was missing for months. We were able to track her down months later and got her back.

    When she was around 16 she was aging and losing her hair but seemed to have a good quality of life. By the age of 18 yrs, she seemed to struggle and wasn’t enjoying life anymore, but she had some good days that made me think she was okay. I couldn’t accept her natural decline. One day I saw that she had a pink discharge coming from her eyes. (Maybe kidney failure) I made appt and I did what you did. I held her in my arms and cuddled her as she looked at me with complete love and trust and when he injected the needle she was gone. I’m glad I was there with her. It helped me to deal with losing her. The best cat in the world.

  3. Tracy

    I’m not trying to monopolize your post with my own cat loss experience, but wanted to add that my cat Sweety had been “gone” for over 3 months when she was a babe of 2 years. We had moved from a house to a condo on the 3rd floor where she had to adjust from being a free ranging cat to an indoor cat. Needless to say, she rebelled and found ways of climbing balconies and entering homes until she was obviously let out. We searched for weeks, hung posters, etc. I had given up.

    One day 3 months later, I was reading the newspaper (hey it was the 90’s) and for some reason something told me to look at “Lost and Found”. I read the paper every day, but had given up on finding my Sweety. The SPCA had posted, “white long haired cat with calico markings” found at ….. in the same neighborhood where we lived. We promptly headed over there to check it out and there she was, meowing and greeting us with such love and intensity. We were overcome with shock and emotion.The kennel attendant even choked up. It was truly a miracle and we were blessed to have her in our lives for another 16 years.

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