hat collage

I took Steve to my favorite “wandering aimlessly” place, downtown Mesa and the Antique Plaza yesterday afternoon.

If you can believe this, it was him who started that hat business.

And then there was this:

Isn’t that amazing?

We had fun and I did get three very cool things for the Sedona house which I would show you but they are wrapped up in the back of my car to transport there next weekend.  A wrought ironish wall hanging basket thing which I may use as a little bar or towel holder, a big trayish thing and a large wicker covered glass vase–oh none of this is making even remote sense.  I’ll take pics when I unwrap it all because I love finding treasures in that two story Wonderland.

We also found these things:


Those two hours were really all I had to give yesterday.  This grieving business is completely exhausting.  I couldn’t wait to get home and get in my comfies and take a long nap.

Later that evening, we were sprawled across the couch watching stupid TV and talking and suddenly Steve blurts out “Kath did you see who’s watching us?”.

In the foyer, this haunting image had appeared…


Can you see it?  How about a closer view.  Just perched on the wainscoting:


And that’s when the dam broke and the tears came flooding again.  My mind had rested from thoughts of Buddy most of the day, then there it was again.  Steve just said “it’s ok…it’s ok you are feeling that way”.

And guess what was creating that shadow on the wall there?

A hat.

I guess Buddy’s paying attention and playing along with us.

And I still want him back.


My Precious Darling Buddy

15 thoughts on “hats

  1. Laci was my Buddy. She went over the rainbow bridge last December. She was the best dog I ever had. We could talk by just looking at each other. Now, we have Maggie Mae. She is nothing like Laci, still young, 1 yr. old. Full of energy and lacks Laci’s wisdom. I hope she calms down enough for us to bond more deeply. I laugh because what do I expect from a young dog???Geeesh. Anyway, my husband knows me inside and out and in spite of my protestations, Ihe knows that I already love her. Just not like Laci.

  2. Rose

    Nice to see you have moments of relaxation and fun as you mourn the loss of your beloved Buddy. Have lots of rest, eat good food and keep the Faith. 🙂

  3. Hilarious!! I keep going back to look at the picture of Steve with the mirror in front of his face….hahaha!! He looks like such the drama qu…. I mean king! Love this! I am going to search for this store on my next trip out there!

  4. lovelaw

    OMG! OMG! OMG! THE “HAT” BUDDY!! I knew he would visit!! And the whole “hat” thingy….I am so befuddled I can’t even put a sentence together! In a GOOD way, I mean!! Love this! Just love it!!
    BTW…each first attempt I made to type “love”, came out “live.” I like that too!! LIVE THIS! JUST LIVE THIS!!
    One more BTW….My daughter, Molly, has a penchant for trying on hats and taking silly photos, with friends! 😉

  5. soulsad

    Our Dear Kathy,

    I was away from 8:00 until 3:00 yesterday. Recheck on cancer and genetic testing for LYNCH syndrome that filled our day. Just letting you know why this reply is later than intended. I did quickly read this entry last evening and it made me sleep so much better just knowing that even amid your grieving, you can still laugh. Laughter is a great healer.

    Kathy if it’s possible, you are even more beautiful since Steve came back into your life. Just look at the pictures of the both of you. They are all simply stunning. You look to be bringing out the best in each other. Yes, I see this even in your process of grieving and that is as it should be (hey, I AM the queen of run-on sentences). Steve is every bit a ‘keeper’ just as you’re a ‘KEEPER’. I didn’t capitalize Steve’s ‘keeper’ because of the last move of the baton LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Even this morning it makes me LOLLLLLL.

    The blunt hurtful gal at your grief support group has been on my mind since you shared that with us. Kathy, I’m going to share this page link with you
    because it got me to thinking – what if??? I always just assumed that of course our fur Babies are going to be in Heaven waiting for us. I do know that if mine aren’t there, my Heaven will be less sweet. I’ve just turned 60 and Al and I have always had at least two fur Babies at a time. Mama Kitty and Puff Puff are our only kitties (Mother and Son) in Heaven. All the rest are doggies. I (we) have loved them all but like you, I’ve had my favorites. If Puff Puff and Kazi (our German Short-hair Pointer) aren’t in Heaven, then I seriously don’t want to know. If it’s any help, I know that God knows our Heart even better than we know ourselves. My love for pets has always run so deeply that I know it’s a God-given gift (the fierce love). God knows that even with the depth of love for fur Babies I love Him even more. Oh Kathy, I’m reading back and see just how preachy I’m coming across. It’s time to close before I get “SING IT SISTER” comments on your blog.

    Right now we have Gyro (Gy) – Gordon Setter
    Button(s)- & pound black Mini Poodle
    Sapphire – Schnauzer (mostly black with some grey)
    Reba – our Grand-doggie who’s a Red-tick Coon Hound.

    Much Love and Healing Hugs !
    Paula ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Steve and I are like peas and carrots, two little kids playing out in the world. My brother did introduce him as my “boyfriend” the other day. We are more Harry and Sally than Romeo and Juliet but it’s just as it should be. I don’t know how I’d be getting along without him in my life right now. He’s my angel, my crazy baton twirling angel. His birthday is this weekend and I’m in planning mode but shhhh…can’t say anything yet but omg it’s so perfect.

    • pilcherje

      Hysterical photos! Play to your hearts content. It’s magic for the soul!! Now I can just imagine the Birthday surprise for Steve!

    • soulsad

      SHAME ON ME . . . < (that's my on, and on, and on)
      I've been married way to long because I was thinking something else and found such humor in my thoughts. SOOOOOO Sorry Steve!!!

      Post surgery I'm doing real well. With genetic testing it's always a fight with insurance to get this kind of testing covered.. Now it's just hurry up and wait. If not covered we'll still go forward but it will be at our expense.

      Love and Healing Hugs,
      Paula ♥ ♥ ♥

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