good news


John was much better tonite.  We had a nice conversation and he gave me a list of things he needs.  He was much calmer and clear headed.  He said “I think I’m gonna be in here a long time Kathy”.  I think he’ll just be in there as long as it takes to stabilize him but it’s good he’s not feeling like bolting.

Most important to me is he told me he loves me.  That’s my Alfonse.  All I know is we just have to stay connected, both of us.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.  They are being heard.



8 thoughts on “good news

  1. Heather

    Oh Kathy, that is so great to hear. I was on a roller coaster with you from your post about Steve to your post about John. I was trying to send as many positive thoughts and prayers as I could your way. I hope you’re still planning on going up Sedona this weekend!! Much love. xo

  2. Dru

    You are holding the space for John….allowing him time to heal from this round of disconnectedness……helping him to come back to being Alfonse. ❤

  3. I have thought about John a lot today. I hope he continues to feel better. I hope you are able to get some peaceful moments, too. Many hugs and hopes continue coming your way

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