Ok I didn’t want to leave today on that last entry note. Just too much of a bummer vibe and I want to turn it around.

After writing that I took Alfonse for breakfast.  We have a fantastic new restaurant just steps away from our house.

He had this:


And I had this


I came home and took a nice relaxing bath in the big master tub…ahhhh…was feeling better.

Got out and picked up my towel then proceeded to flip my iPhone right in to the tub.

So much for my relaxation.  Threw my clothes on and ran over to the nearby grocery store for some rice, threw my phone in it and zipped over to the coffee shop to buy a $4.00 ginger ale for the wifi to contact Tricia from Websleuths.  I was scheduled to appear on the radio with her tonite and now had no working phone or any of my numbers…arrrgh!!!

Well, lo and behold after 3 hours of resting in that rice and me resting on the couch napping my way through the movie Primal Fear, my phone miraculously turned back on! Wheeeee!

But the thing I’m most excited about right now has to do with signing on to the Rancho La Puerta site to see whats cookin for next week when I head down there for a full week of luxurious and health giving rejuvenation.  They change the schedule sometimes so I was utterly thrilled to find this 4 day workshop on……writing memoir!

How psyched am I right now?  I signed up for this week to meet my friend Tracy there.  We met the first time I went and have stayed in touch ever since.  Haven’t seen her for 3 yrs now!

check out this workshop description:

The first presenter there is the one I’m so excited to meet and do her workshop. Plus yoga and reading and hiking and swimming and great food and rest. Rest glorious rest.

Speaking of that, I have a couch to sprawl on with my name on it.

Vibes are raising back up. Hoping for a good night’s sleep tonite for both of us. For all of us.


9 thoughts on “psyched

  1. Heather

    Love this whole post! But, my most favorite part might be the two pics you posted of what you ate. 🙂

    So excited for your “Kathy time” away!!

  2. Lilibet

    LOL Well I see you took my comment suggesting a comfort food breakfast and ran with it, Kathy! Yum! I’m soooo glad you didn’t just have a green smoothey. 🙂 And yay for all the good things that happened today and that are coming up. As I try to tell myself, “Things have a way of working out.”

  3. I am certainly happy that the day is turning into a very nice evening for you. I can “hear” that spunk coming back, Ms. KCL, and that is a very good thing! What a lovely treat the class on writing memoirs is going to be.
    Too sleepy for lots of chit-chat tonight. so it is nighty-night back at ya. Sleep well.

  4. jpaulaj

    Answered Prayer . . .
    This is so perfectly attuned to you that you may never want to leave.


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