I am overwhelmed with the support I got for that post yesterday!  So many comments, wise and supportive.

Yes I got angry.  I have worked hard to get comfortable with all my emotions.  Anger can be a positive thing when it helps you set a boundary.

Thank you!

What’s kind of interesting/funny is after I wrote all that, I still got another private message from someone still trying to school me on how I should change my brother’s diet in order to cure his Schizophrenia.  It even started with “I know you’re overwhelmed but…”.  Why then dump more things to have to manage when you know someone is overwhelmed what they are already managing?

Maybe I would have been less reactive to these opinions if I wasn’t smack dab in the weeds with John.


These are some of the unique challenges with mental illness.  It’s awkward, nebulous, we’re all stumbling through trying to figure it out.  But really, if someone’s in any kind of emergency status with any health problem, is probably not the best time to give advice for how they got there, unless of course you’re a professional working with that person helping mitigate the crisis.

I don’t know what motivates people to do such things.  But I do know if there’s not a “schooling” that bounces back, they will continue it.  Maybe they will stop and think next time.


All I know is using that anger to set a boundary feels appropriate and it’s a far better choice for me than stuffing it and feeling like crap.

I also know that all of you cheering me on felt just 28 shades of worth it to me.


I never knew when I started writing this blog that it would develop in to a small community of such wonderful people gathering in support of each other.

It’s a very heartening thing to experience, let me tell you!

Well Alfonse just informed me he’s ready to hit the road to Sedona. I need to shower and get myself packed so better wrap this up.


Just wanted to say a heartfelt GRACIAS to each and every one of you out there.  As each comment came in, it was like opening a little present.  And you all warm my heart and make me feel less alone on this sometimes lonely planet.

Oh and feel free to take a petit fors on the way out.

I love you all…..and…………….


12 thoughts on “gracias

  1. Katie, I am so glad that you have been wrapped in love. We all care about you and Alfonse. I hope you have a beautiful day! And thanks for the petit fors. Makes me want to reach through the screen and grab one. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Ummm..yummy! Thanks for the goodie!
    I will post a recipe for key lime cake that is to die for over on WS ..Happy Trails!!

  3. jpaulaj

    Good Day Kathy,

    You said “Oh and feel free to take a petit fors on the way out.” Surely you meant take one of EACH flavor/color didn’t you? LOLLLLLLLLL I did leave all of the chocolate ones if that helps some for my gluttony. They were delicious; Thank You!!!

    God Bless!

  4. Sophie

    Kathy Hi,
    My message may have seemed ominous starting with the words have you heard about …. So I will start with..Just recently I seen a new GP and was filling him in on my long term anxiety, I have had it since I can remember probably 5 or 6 years old ( crazy parents- long story) with frequent anxiety attacks that stops me in my tracks. Anyway he asked me if I had ever heard about “Pyrrole Disorder” and referred me for testing.

    Before the test I naturally googled to read up about this mysterious “Pyrrole Disorder”, and found lots of info related to Pyrrole and anxiety I also read that it is also associated with Schizophrenia (among other things). Please this is no cure nor is it a stand alone treatment, and I do not know anything about Schizophrenia I just thought I would pass the info on to you as most people have never heard about Pyrrole (again Kathy this is no “please get him off junk food” advice, I cannot advise you on the care for your brother, not in a million years). I am simply giving you some info that may or may not be of value to you and John, clearly anxiety and Schizophrenia are very different.

    Kathy I was reading about Pyrrole and anxiety, I did not read in depth about Pyrrole and Schizophrenia I will leave that too you, again I am only passing on some info that you may or may not want to look at. You may all ready know about Pyrrole and I am being a pain in the A** and sure as shoot I do not want to cause you any grief as did the Junk food debacle. Here is a paragraph I lifted off a web page but there is so much more info out there.

    “Pyrrole Disorder, Also known as Pyroluria, is an abnormality in biochemistry resulting in the overproduction of pyrrole molecules. Pyroluria can be diagnosed by the kryptopyrrole test. The Kryptopyrrole test determines the levels of pyrroles the body excretes. Pyrroles have little or no function in the body and are effectively excreted in the urine. However, pyrroles have an affinity for zinc and vitamin B6. So, when pyrroles are elevated in the urine they deplete the body of vitamin B6 and zinc and represent a marker for functional deficiencies in vitamin B6 and zinc. A high incidence of pyrrole disorder is found in individuals on the autism spectrum, individuals with anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, aspergers, and ADHD.”

    If this info is of no use go ahead and simply delete the text, It was not meant in any way to upset you.

    Regards Sophie

    • Hi Sophie,
      John was just started on a whole new regime so were starting with that seeing where it goes. I recovered totally from a severe anxiety disorder I’d had for years with Myofascial Release therapy. I kind of specialize in anxiety in my practice as I know a lot about it having suffered and recovered.

      I’ll be writing about this down the road and hope it gives you hope. My recovery story is featured in a book I contributed a chapter to coming out in a few mths. I’ll share more info as its available.
      Thanks for sharing..and good luck!

  5. Laura Jackson

    KCL, I am really looking forward to you writing about anxiety, as I have suffered from it for years as well. I had a violent father and believe I also have PTSD after hearing so much About it during the trial. I think all my siblings probably have it. I have also heard that sedona has healing properties,, so please enjoy your stay there with your Alfonse!

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