Remember this post?   Well I went to my mailbox yesterday and lo and behold a package was there from my father containing this sentimental gem.  I had told my father I’d wanted to snag it from the cottage in Maine and put it in our new house in Sedona and he mailed it to me with some other little gifts for John and I.


My Dad is so sentimental.  He really taught us to value things in this life that have some kind of meaning attached to them.

So I’m not surprised that once I mentioned wanting this plaque, he wrapped it up and sent it to me.

That’s my Dad.

This package came also wrapped in a bit of a mystery though.  I was so surprised to turn it over and see this:


’85?  As in 1985?  How weird as this was the kind of summer craft we were playing with when we were in Junior High and High School.  In 1985 Cindy would have been 27.  I’m thinking my Dad’s wood burning tool had long been discarded and where did she get the plaque or the decopage stuff?  I’m entirely perplexed.  I would have guessed 1975 at the latest for this to have been crafted.  It almost looks like the “8” once started out as a “7” too.  Hmmmm…

I love a mystery.  Somehow I think this might be a clue.  Of something.  I’m gonna keep my eyes open for the year 1985 showing up in my life somehow.

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