This was the last photo taken of my family together.  It was the last time we were together.  It was the last time anyone in my family saw Cindy besides me.  It was the last time she was at our family cottage in Wells Beach Maine. It was the last time we were 5.

This photo was used as our Christmas photo 1988.  Her body was found on Christmas Eve that  year.  People were still receiving this photo, along with a newsy family Christmas letter, after they’d been informed that Cindy was gone.

I don’t remember if my Dad included anything about Cindy having married Michael Apelt, her  murderer, in that Christmas letter.  I don’t ever want to remember that.

This is one of those photos I’m sure every murder victim’s family treasures and is devastated by at the same time.

And yet, we last on.

13 thoughts on “last

  1. Tesstruhart

    Precious memories, how they linger
    How they ever flood my soul
    In the stillness of the midnight
    Precious sacred scenes unfold

    These are some of the words to one of my favorite hymns
    Just struck me seeing that picture

  2. Maureen

    The relaxed and peaceful looks of all of your faces is what strikes me. This was before you all found out how evil people can be.

  3. Sandi aka makayla

    I am really appreciating your blog entries, Kathy – they are beautifully written and straight from your heart. It makes you realize how precious life is and how challenging yours has been. God bless you and “Alfonse” – how wonderful you can be there for each other now.

  4. Laura Jackson

    My family on dad’s side came from Maine.visited once with my son. This reminds me I should let people take my picture,I usually hide when camera comes out. That odd so sad this happened during Christmas time.I am so sorry. Still feel you are very brave to share your pain with us. Bittersweet indeed. Big hug to you…..

  5. ChristyTN

    Thank you for sharing your soul with us.
    I adore you for it. And I’m proud to call you a ‘friend’, even if only online.

  6. jpaulaj

    Good Morning Katiecoolady.

    I hope this will be a glorious day for you and all of us.
    I thought I was signed up after your first post but I wasn’t. I think I’m now signed up and signed in. This is all so new to me. I’ve never commented on a ‘blog’. I have commented here on your blog now three times. Does that tell you something about my smarts (giggling)?

    Well now that you’ve seen my true colors (so to speak), I really look forward to reading all of your thoughts on whatever is important to you and your generous and loving Heart.

    I will be anxiously waiting to watch HLN today to hear from tarakelley320.
    Bless Your Heart Sweet Katiecoolady !!!

  7. Deb Reinders

    It took my breath away to see that photo after all these years. What a testing, trying, terrorizing time that was for you. I can still remember how strong you were on the outside but broken on the inside. On the other side of it now, you’re using your knowledge and your heart to help others. But then that’s just the way you are. Thank you for the reminder to keep our eyes and hearts open so we don’t let those precious moments with others pass us by.

    • Deb your incredible thoughfulness and support during that entire time will never, ever be forgotten. Your going in to my house and taking down my tree and all my decorations while I was gone, picking me up from the airport and being with me when the police flew me back for questioning, all of that and so much more. You are indelibly etched in my memory as the rock who got me through those horrible devastating days. I love you.

  8. Pferrin

    Love the picture …thanks so much for sharing you…somehow you ease and help me to release my life pains. Again thank you

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